Building a corporate culture by avoiding these common mistakes!

The right way to build your corporate culture

The question “what is corporate culture?” may come to mind when reading this article. Business culture is difficult to define as a quantifiable concept as it differs from company to company. However, we know it is highly dependent on leadership and that it takes a strong set of well-defined values and goals. Apart from its …

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How can you boost your holiday sales? Check out these holiday sales ideas about your marketing strategy and social media presence!

How can you boost your holiday sales?

Holiday sales. That time of year has come around yet again. Big companies will enjoy their established success. Small companies will get the chance to boost their sales and widen their client base. It’s really important to show your work to the world, highlight your strongest assets and come up with attractive deals for new …

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Have the ideal Christmas party at work! Follow these ideas and excel in Christmas office party planning.

How to throw the ideal Christmas party at work

Christmas parties at work ask for preparations that are always demanding and repetitive since they have to happen every year. Christmas office party planning can be overwhelming. Think of buying food, beverages and Christmas decorations while organizing the evening thematically. That’s why you need an active and spirited group of elves to help you organize …

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Follow our business ideas for Christmas about all the things you should before the holidays.

7 business things to do before Christmas

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year (if you’re singing the song in your head, you really like Christmas). It’s also the best period to organize your business, market it the way you want and plan your future actions. Of course, things can get overwhelming when the holiday season is approaching. To help …

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10 business quotes about success

10 business quotes about success to keep in mind

Successful business philosophy is something precious, and it’s really valuable when people that reached the top share their wisdom, perspectives and work ethics. So these business quotes about success offer different views on hard work, learning, innovation, failure as well as the fulfillment of dreams. “It’s never too late to learn.” – Malcolm Forbes Malcolm …

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How and when to incorporate new adjustments? How to price your products and services?

The business manual to price adjustments

The pricing of your products and services does not come easy. It involves a series of difficult decisions. You must back them up with elaborate research, hard work and a strong awareness of where your business stands. Price changes are of vital significance since they impact your customer base, brand persona and most importantly, your …

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