Business virtues on the big screen. Out of the box thinking, risk taking and goal setting in business

6 business virtues in big screen stories

Cinema teaches us about life and even show us essential business virtues. All we have to do is pay attention. Most of the selected big screen stories do not have any direct connection to the business world. However, they encompass virtues that a person who owns or intends on starting a business should have and …

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The road to effective team meetings

…is paved with good intentions: All team leaders want their staff meetings to flow smoothly and achieve their goal so that everyone can go back to their tasks feeling like they had an effective team meeting. More often than not, though, team gatherings feel like a complete waste of time and cause nothing but frustration. They …

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Team player qualities to achieve effective teamwork

10 star qualities for effective teamwork

Successful businesses are not built in a day. Not even Rome was built in just one day. The most important ingredient to achieve success is effective teamwork. There is no better situation than seeing team players in the workplace who collaborate well. They fight to right their wrongs passionately and celebrate their victories wholeheartedly. But …

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professional career development the easy way!

5 Ways to Maximize your Professional Development

Have you ever wondered what all successful people have in common? Either they run a company or keep on landing promotions as employees. It seems like there’s nothing they can’t accomplish! Usually multi-talented and self-driven, they strive for one thing: professional development. The concept might seem complicated, but it mostly boils down to education. It’s …

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best project management software for your small business

The Best Project Management Software for Small Business

Project management skills and techniques are necessary to survive in today’s business world. For this purpose, today there is a wide variety of tools that enable you to master project management and boost workplace productivity. As we have previously mentioned, implementing a robust project management strategy not only helps you organize daily activities but makes your company …

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