how to write an invoice for hours worked

How to Prepare an Invoice for Hours Worked

One of the many challenges that freelancers and agencies face is how much to invoice for hours worked. Especially on a business’ onset, you need to make sure you charge fairly for your efforts. At the same time, you must remain competitive to attract more clients. If you are a freelancer or start-up business still struggling …

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Invoicing mistakes

10 Mistakes to avoid when invoicing your customers

Invoicing may be your least favorite paperwork to do as a business owner or freelancer since its time consuming and tedious. But, it’s inarguably your most important. After all, if you don’t invoice your customers, you can’t get compensated for your goods or services. Unfortunately, most people believe that they can quickly create an invoice …

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Simple tips to invoice like a pro!

Invoicing is perceived by many to be the most boring of chores a businessman can suffer. There is a small minority that finds joy in its repetitive nature, mostly perhaps it brings them one step closer to getting paid for their services/goods. Nonetheless, as with so many other things in this life, it’s mandatory and it wouldn’t do any …

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