News and Updates

Cooperation with your clients made even easier, with Elorus!

We decided to focus primarily on improving your customers and suppliers management, by incorporating features that will simplify parts of your collaboration that usually consume time.


Impress your customers with Elorus's client portal!

Our team works every day to make your life easier and this time will work miracles regarding your collaboration with customers.


New Year, Brand-New Elorus!

  PUBLISHED JAN. 30, 2017

Get paid faster with Authorize.Net

We have incorporated to Elorus even more payment options by adding Authorize.Net, a new online payments provider and by providing offline payments via VivaWallet! Let's see what's new!

  PUBLISHED OCT. 10, 2016

Use Elorus FREE of charge for 2 MONTHS!

We renewed our pricing policy and from now on, with every annual subscription you get 2 months FOR FREE! Our plans have become more flexible offering you more control over your subscription.


Invoice & bill your customers in any currency

We are beyond excited to announce and present to you one of the most powerful features the application has introduced to this day! From now on, regardless of your company's country or your clients' headquarters, you are able to invoice them in any currency you wish.

  PUBLISHED JAN. 29, 2016

Welcome to Elorus!

We, here at Elorus, decided that it was about time we introduced ourselves properly to the world. Up until now we have let the application and its capabilities speak louder than words. In this modest fashion we will proceed with presenting to you Elorus’s journey from infancy to adulthood.

  PUBLISHED NOV. 12, 2015