The working from home (WFH) policy: Tips for first timers

The work from home (WFH) policy: A guide for first-timers

During this coronavirus epidemic, many companies have decided to send home most of their employees. The work from home policy aims at securing their workforce’s health. However, not all companies have incorporated the WFH (work from home) option in their everyday business routines. Therefore, this brings many professionals on the verge of an unprecedented situation …

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How to deal with anxiety at work: 10 ways to achieve it!

Experiencing anxiety at work is quite commonplace. The problem is, anxiety might be creeping up on you without you realizing it. Most people recognize only the obvious symptoms of anxiety, like excessive worrying, palpitations, and fast breathing. Fatigue, restlessness, headaches, sleep problems are also indications that you might be more stressed than you think. The …

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Discover the right ways to achieve innovation at work. Innovative small business ideas to shoot you to the top

6 core ways to inspire innovation at work

Companies are not static entities that watch the years go by. They are organic groups of people that form the foundation of each company. Thus, they should evolve in order to survive. This is a direct consequence of the rapid technological and economic progress that the business world has been experiencing in the last decade. …

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team productivity tips for startups

5 Team Productivity Tips for Fast Growing Startups

We have already mentioned the significance of team productivity for an organization’s performance. Naturally, efficient teams that cooperate well with each other contribute to achieving company goals. In this post, we’ll discuss how productivity and efficiency are often compromised when adding new team members – something that startup owners are very familiar with. We’ll also share 5 top …

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employee time tracking

How to Encourage Employee Time Tracking in 5 Simple Steps

By the time you are reading this, we hope you have already realized the importance of a time management software for your business. Just to refresh your memory, let’s mention some impressive statistics on the matter: Time tracking increases productivity: Companies have reported a 30% productivity boost in the first month of implementing it! “Over 85% of Best-in-Class companies integrate their time …

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Time management and productivity in the workplace

How to Improve Work-Life Balance and Productivity in the Workplace through Time Management

Over the last few weeks, we have delved into time management from a number of perspectives; what it is, how to achieve it, and how it benefits you and your business. In this article, we focus on how to improve work-life balance and productivity through effective time management. Besides, the ultimate goal of adopting a time management strategy in …

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