The working from home (WFH) policy: Tips for first timers

The work from home (WFH) policy: A guide for first-timers

During this coronavirus epidemic, many companies have decided to send home most of their employees. The work from home policy aims at securing their workforce’s health. However, not all companies have incorporated the WFH (work from home) option in their everyday business routines. Therefore, this brings many professionals on the verge of an unprecedented situation …

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Have the ideal Christmas party at work! Follow these ideas and excel in Christmas office party planning.

How to throw the ideal Christmas party at work

Christmas parties at work ask for preparations that are always demanding and repetitive since they have to happen every year. Christmas office party planning can be overwhelming. Think of buying food, beverages and Christmas decorations while organizing the evening thematically. That’s why you need an active and spirited group of elves to help you organize …

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Discover the right ways to achieve innovation at work. Innovative small business ideas to shoot you to the top

6 core ways to inspire innovation at work

Companies are not static entities that watch the years go by. They are organic groups of people that form the foundation of each company. Thus, they should evolve in order to survive. This is a direct consequence of the rapid technological and economic progress that the business world has been experiencing in the last decade. …

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Find the right team building activities for your virtual team and rise to the top! Remote working will never be the same!

10 virtual team-building activities that make a difference

Work, work, work. You cannot survive as a remote working professional without some interaction, some fun, and even some deeper connection. Your virtual team surely could benefit from fun, interesting and interpersonal gestures, activities, quizzes, contests, and challenges. However, it doesn’t have to be a team, it can also be different virtual teams brought together. …

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The road to effective team meetings

…is paved with good intentions: All team leaders want their staff meetings to flow smoothly and achieve their goal so that everyone can go back to their tasks feeling like they had an effective team meeting. More often than not, though, team gatherings feel like a complete waste of time and cause nothing but frustration. They …

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