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Being a freelancer is all about working and living on your own terms. Remaining stress – free though, is another story.

Your work hours and number of clients are fluctuating. After all, it all comes with the territory. It's a given that freelancing gives you a lot of freedom but, at the same time, it also includes variables that you haven't been prepared for.

To be able to organize and grow your freelance business​, you need a time tracker, an invoice generator, billing and payment processors, and of course, a project management tool to help you stay productive. Moreover, building a relationship of trust with your clients is of great importance in order to differentiate, sustain your business and get paid faster.

The challenges of freelancing

Payments: If you are a freelancer, chances are you deal with late payments. Reminding your clients of due dates and keeping track of payments can be a great demotivator.

Time Management: In the life of a freelancer, switching between projects is a given. No wonder tracking the time devoted for every task and customer, is often overlooked!

Expenses: Being self-employed requires constant tracking of business, allowable and personal expenses. What you should be doing instead is focusing on your profession.

Invoicing & Billing software for Graphic Designers

Elorus comes to the rescue!

Elorus Dashboard for freelancers

Time Tracking

Get paid for your actual working time. Use the online time tracker of Elorus and log time for every customer, project or task.

Simple & Fast Invoicing

Creating invoices for freelance work, has never been easier. Customize and automate your invoices with templates provided by the invoice generator.

Online Billing

Get paid faster through any debit / credit card, by using online payments providers. Notify your clients for due dates with reminders, automatically.

Client portal

Your own client portal where customers can monitor time spent on projects, pay online, download their transaction history, accept quotes and so much more!

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More features you'll love!

Payment reminders

As much as you enjoy your work, chasing your clients to pay you steals some of that joy away. Elorus helps you track due invoices and send automated reminders to clients with just a few clicks.

Expense tracking

Be in total control of your expenses, and you’ll know when is the right time to expand your business. Upload copies of your bills and never lose a purchase invoice again!

Automated Recurring Invoices

Apart from billing for time, do you charge a basic monthly fee? No problem. Set up reccuring invoices and automatically charge your clients. Get notified every time!

Invoice in multiple currencies

Are you working with clients abroad? With Elorus, you can get instant exchange rate information, invoice, and get paid in multiple currencies.

Professional quotes

Sending quotes/estimates to potential clients has never been easier. Once your offer is accepted, you can convert it into an invoice with just one click!

Cash flow management

You can easily monitor the payment status across your clients and have access to an overview of your receipts and payments. Get a clear picture of your cash flow operations and easily manage your finances.

Use Elorus everywhere

Use Elorus everywhere!

Elorus lives in the cloud, so you can securely access your data from your office, home tablet, or smartphone on the go!

Free updates, free email support

Free updates, 24/7 online support

With Elorus you're always up to date with the latest features & updates. And the best part: you get full support even on the free plan.

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