Get your team onboard

Collaboration with your accountant & partners is now easy.

Multiple user accounts

Multiple User Accounts

Manage multiple user accounts and permission levels so that employees and collaborators can easily access your data whilst reducing management time and costs. If you have multiple companies, you can access all of them through a single user account.

Custom User Roles

Via custom roles you can take full control over who sees what inside Elorus by limiting users access to certain functionalities. You can even restrict a user's access to a subset of your contacts and create workflows that suite your own business needs.

Custom user roles
Get notified in an instance


You get notified for any action related to your business, be it a client payment or an automatically generated invoice. Receive your notifications in-app, via email or even in Slack.

Detailed Change History

Even the slightest change in your data is recorded in detail. You get to see who modified the records, and when; even the very contents of the change are available.

Detailed change history
Accessible anywhere

Accessible from Anywhere

Elorus is compatible with all devices; you can easily start your work in the office and complete it on your tablet at home. Access your company’s data anytime, anyplace.

Elorus provides a set of powerful features that just make your life easier.