Easy techniques to improve your Small Business Social Media presence

Ιn order to attract and grow your target audience, you need to optimize your social media presence in a way that it is effective and organised. Let's see how!

  PUBLISHED OCT. 7, 2016

Back to basics: Starting a new business

Tips on how to start a new business, and a heads-up on what it’s like to realise your ideas into a living, growing organization.

  PUBLISHED SEPT. 30, 2016

Business website mistakes everybody makes

Business branding greatly impacts how customers perceive you and your products'/services’ quality. Your company’s website is their first impression so you want to make it stand out.

  PUBLISHED SEPT. 21, 2016

5 tips for hiring your first employee

In this post, we'll give you some advice about what to watch out for when your are a small business hiring your first employee.

  PUBLISHED SEPT. 14, 2016

What to do when a client won’t pay up (pt. 2)

Freelancers deliver and customers pay -- that is the natural order of doing business. In theory, at least.


What to do when a client won’t pay up (pt. 1)

A client won't pay up: How to avoid getting in that situation in the first place.

  PUBLISHED AUG. 30, 2016

How to avoid turning a networking event into a nightmare

Networking may seem stressful but as long as you have well structured speech combined with some other elements we suggest, you can become your own best marketer.

  PUBLISHED AUG. 11, 2016