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A list of self-employed tax deduction for independent contractors

The tax deduction list for self-employed professionals

Being self-employed comes with benefits and drawbacks. For many, taxation is one of the latter, but it doesn’t have to be. There are various ways to achieve the much-sought tax deductions that any independent contractor wishes for. Freelancers, startup businesses and SMBs can proceed to job-related expenses deduction. Those expenses should be necessary and relevant to your field of business. To mention …

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The working from home (WFH) policy: Tips for first timers

The work from home (WFH) policy: A guide for first-timers

During this coronavirus epidemic, many companies have decided to send home most of their employees. The work from home policy aims at securing their workforce’s health. However, not all companies have incorporated the WFH (work from home) option in their everyday business routines. Therefore, this brings many professionals on the verge of an unprecedented situation …

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