What is monthly and quarterly revenue run rate and why should your company care

 If calculated based on solid financial data, the revenue run rate can give you pretty accurate idea of where your company will stand, in terms of cash, in a certain future period.


Getting to know your customer-base, a surefire way for startup success

In this article, we help you bring your startup to success by getting to know your customer base and making them really happy and satisfied. 


5 Methods to Accept Credit Card Payments Securely at Your Business

Credit cards continue to be an important payment for both consumers and businesses when they conduct transactions in a physical location, online, or through a mobile device.

  PUBLISHED FEB. 22, 2017

5 Top Technology Investments to Make in 2017

As a business owner who is most likely in charge of making all IT purchases but who also may not be an IT expert, it may be good to know the types of technology investments that may be practical for your business.

  PUBLISHED FEB. 16, 2017

10 Tips to Overcome Procrastination as a Freelancer

Sometimes it feels like everything is out there just to distract you from getting your work done. From Facebook, to Twitter, to the news, to that squirrel that just ran past your window. 

  PUBLISHED FEB. 13, 2017

Personal Brand: Dos & Don’ts for Freelancers

This personal brand and tone sets the standard for which you and your work will be judged. The more value you offer clients, the more work you will get and the higher your rates.

  PUBLISHED FEB. 7, 2017

New Year, Brand-New Elorus!

  PUBLISHED JAN. 30, 2017