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Blogging for your business: taking the plunge

Αre you a small business owner or freelancer? Then unless you already have a blog, you’re seriously missing out — and hurting your business in the process. “But haven’t blogs gone out of style?”, you might ask, and “isn’t it all about social media this and Facebook that, now?” Not really. While personal blogging faded out since …

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Financial planning and budgeting tips for freelancers

As we have previously mentioned, being a freelancer entails several benefits but taking huge leaps of faith, as well. One of the risks commonly encountered is financial insecurity; either this means lacking a budgeting plan or collecting payments from customers. It is not easy to figure out early on how to budget your money and even save for retirement as a …

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Use Elorus FREE of charge for 2 MONTHS!

We renewed our pricing policy and from now on, with every annual subscription, you get 2 months FOR FREE! Our plans have become more flexible by offering you more control over your subscription. You may upgrade/downgrade anytime you wish and switch billing cycles straight from your subscription page. And all of this without losing a penny from your old …

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How to hire an accountant for your business: 10 things to look for

Hiring the right accountant to handle your small business’s finance is a crucial decision for your firm’s health. The right person for the job can contribute toward the growth of your company, whereas, the wrong person can greatly impede it. The above are especially true when your small business is newly founded, hence needs solid foundation in order to grow successfully. How to find the best small …

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Dealing with difficult customers: 101

Every human relationship has good and bad moments; in business terms this means that dealing with different kinds of personalities can sometimes create friction. As a business owner, you need to be polite in all cases and provide your customers with the best customer support possible. But sometimes your clients may seem impossible to please and you just run out of ideas to help them …

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5 alternative ways to fund your small business

Financing your small business can be hard to achieve, especially in the times of economic austerity we are currently experiencing. The banking system has narrowed down its “eligible” loan candidates, so you must come up with alternatives to get your business up and running again. Young firms especially, need an initial capital to sustain them until the much desired “break-even” …

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The top 10 freelance websites to find a job

Freelancing is great. You get to be your own boss, set your own hours and even work at home in your pajamas. If you’re lucky and established enough, you also get to pick your own clients. But before you get to that point (and sometimes, even after you get to that point) you will often find yourself wondering where your next paycheck is going …

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3+1 Tips on how to grow your small business

It is without doubt that the past few years have been hard on every business sector, regardless of trade, financial status or market segment. Recession was felt everywhere in the world but this doesn’t necessarily mean that there are no more business opportunities out there or that you cannot do anything about it. On the contrary, during hard …

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