The top 10 freelance websites to find a job

Freelancing is great. You get to be your own boss, set your own hours and even work at home in your pajamas. But you will often find yourself wondering where your next paycheck is going to come from.


3+1 Tips on how to grow your small business

During hard times people who employ their creativity and dedication for what they do, find ways to overcome obstacles and grow their small business. Growing your business is not an easy task but more like an ongoing process.

  PUBLISHED FEB. 29, 2016

How to build long-term relationships with your clients

There are factors that will drive clients away and others that will bring them closer to you and make them trust you – value you as their partner. And those do not solely depend on how talented you are.

  PUBLISHED FEB. 22, 2016

5 tips for writing a Business Proposal that will get you the job

A well written business proposal can be a key part of achieving that and landing a job. It's your one, and usually only, chance to connect with the client and make the case for your awesome skills and incredible delivery.

  PUBLISHED FEB. 16, 2016

Invoice & bill your customers in any currency

We are beyond excited to announce and present to you one of the most powerful features the application has introduced to this day! From now on, regardless of your company's country or your clients' headquarters, you are able to invoice them in any currency you wish.

  PUBLISHED JAN. 29, 2016

How to effectively manage your business’s cash flow

Your sales may be up compared to last year’s but somehow you can’t pay your bills on time. Your clients delay payments creating a cash flow “disruption”… Cash flow problems plague small business from time to time so we suggest you take a look on the following points you need to pay attention to ensure smooth cash flow.

  PUBLISHED JAN. 14, 2016

New Year’s Resolution: Get paid faster

Every New Year is the mark of new beginnings. We all make promises to ourselves to become more organized, increase our productivity and overall change our attitude towards facing obstacles. In the heat of a thousand daily crises, running a business adds one more challenge to the pile; receiving payments on time. It would only make sense if you wished things to be different in that area.

  PUBLISHED JAN. 4, 2016