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5 alternative ways to fund your small business

Financing your small business can be hard to achieve, especially in the times of economic austerity we are currently experiencing. The banking system has narrowed down its “eligible” loan candidates, so you must come up with alternatives to get your business up and running again. Young firms especially, need an initial capital to sustain them until the much desired “break-even” …

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The top 10 freelance websites to find a job

Freelancing is great. You get to be your own boss, set your own hours and even work at home in your pajamas. If you’re lucky and established enough, you also get to pick your own clients. But before you get to that point (and sometimes, even after you get to that point) you will often find yourself wondering where your next paycheck is going …

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3+1 Tips on how to grow your small business

It is without doubt that the past few years have been hard on every business sector, regardless of trade, financial status or market segment. Recession was felt everywhere in the world but this doesn’t necessarily mean that there are no more business opportunities out there or that you cannot do anything about it. On the contrary, during hard …

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New Year’s Resolution: Get paid faster

Every New Year is the mark of new beginnings. We all make promises to ourselves to become more organized, increase our productivity and overall change our attitude towards facing obstacles. In the heat of a thousand daily crises, running a business adds one more challenge to the pile; receiving payments on time. It would only make sense if you …

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