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The road to effective team meetings

…is paved with good intentions: All team leaders want their staff meetings to flow smoothly and achieve their goal so that everyone can go back to their tasks feeling like they had an effective team meeting. More often than not, though, team gatherings feel like a complete waste of time and cause nothing but frustration. They …

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facts and myths about remote working

Fact or Fiction: The remote work edition

Freelancers, remote workers and members of virtual teams are all relatively new in the business market. They are here to stay and they are steadily creating their own home based work market. As expected, the freelancers are presented as the unreachable dream of any employee and their lives seem sparkly perfect. Money, traveling and freedom …

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Team player qualities to achieve effective teamwork

10 star qualities for effective teamwork

Successful businesses are not built in a day. Not even Rome was built in just one day. The most important ingredient to achieve success is effective teamwork. There is no better situation than seeing team players in the workplace who collaborate well. They fight to right their wrongs passionately and celebrate their victories wholeheartedly. But …

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team productivity tips for startups

5 Team Productivity Tips for Fast Growing Startups

We have already mentioned the significance of team productivity for an organization’s performance. Naturally, efficient teams that cooperate well with each other contribute to achieving company goals. In this post, we’ll discuss how productivity and efficiency are often compromised when adding new team members – something that startup owners are very familiar with. We’ll also share 5 top …

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professional career development the easy way!

5 Ways to Maximize your Professional Development

Have you ever wondered what all successful people have in common? Either they run a company or keep on landing promotions as employees. It seems like there’s nothing they can’t accomplish! Usually multi-talented and self-driven, they strive for one thing: professional development. The concept might seem complicated, but it mostly boils down to education. It’s …

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