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managing different personality types in the workplace

4 Employee Personality Types: Understanding and Managing Different Personalities in the Workplace

Dealing with different employee personality types can be a struggle. Especially if you don’t know how to recognize their traits and weak points. Every person has a unique character. If you add cultural, religious and gender differences into the mix, things may get messy. This is especially true in the office environment, where employees have …

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building highly effective and collaborating teams in the workplace

6 Steps for Establishing a Collaboration Culture and Building Effective Teams in the Workplace

It is an undeniable scientific fact that humans are built to live and work in groups. Throughout the history of humanity, our species has always been striving to create strong social structures that would benefit the majority and protect its weaker members. From tribes to today’s multicultural megacities, we evolved and achieved greatness by collaborating …

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5 Tips on how to be a better team Leader

Every self-respecting person holding a managerial or executive position, often wonders how they can actually motivate their delegates more. What does it take for a successful team management strategy? Is it enhanced business acumen? Is it expertise or experience? Maybe both? Well, maybe all of the above! In our previous posts, we have discussed time and project …

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team management definition and the importance of team collaboration in the workplace

Team Management Definition. The importance and benefits of teamwork and collaboration in the workplace

Our focus lately has been mainly on project management and its multidimensional complexities. If you manage to comprehend the importance of team management, as a part of project management, you can greatly improve your company’s overall performance. The main concept behind project management, though, is the human factor.  Without which none of it would be possible. Orchestrating a …

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