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Why you should design unique personal business cards and where you can order online

Why you should create your own personal business cards. If you’re a freelancer just starting out your business or a small business owner trying to become appealing to more prospects, deciding on how your brand will look like is extremely important. Your branding consists of several elements namely, your logo, your website’s layout and your product …

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The Best Content Marketing Types for small businesses.

Great content should be the essence of your marketing strategy It’s becoming increasingly apparent that the success of a business relies heavily on the quality of content it puts out there. And it couldn’t possibly be otherwise in today’s relentless competition, regardless of industry. Content is included in every aspect of marketing activities a company may use …

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Are you a procrastinator? – Types of procrastination and why do we keep putting off what we want to do.

What does it mean to procrastinate Procrastination is avoiding to complete a task, no matter how important, until the very last minute. We’re all guilty of procrastinating on certain tasks from time to time, but procrastinators do so constantly about everything, even against their better judgment. When procrastination becomes a habit, people find it difficult …

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With two highly anticipated features we say farewell to 2017!

Christmas is upon us, and the elves of Elorus are focusing their efforts to discover new innovative ways to make your daily business life merrier. We say goodbye to 2017 with two unique features: Tracking Categories for your archive and Customizable User Roles. Let’s see what’s new! Tracking Categories You asked and we delivered! Tracking Categories is a …

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Solopreneur or Entrepreneur? Read this and decide!

Solopreneur – Self-employed – Freelancer – Entrepreneur; all these titles seemingly have the same meaning but the reality is that there are subtle differences between them. This is especially true when comparing the one-man business to entrepreneurship. There’s this common misconception that all solopreneurs are entrepreneurs. This couldn’t be farther from the truth as these two categories of professionals have a …

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