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ways to improve work environment in the office

How to Improve Work Environment in the Office and Boost Employee Productivity

A clean, comfortable and positive work environment fosters a creative atmosphere in which people can thrive. The same goes whether it’s your home or your professional space. Who doesn’t like working in a beautiful office with great lighting? On a comfortable desk where they can focus on their activities uninterrupted? Most small business owners pay little attention …

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Ethics in small business: An introduction

In order to realistic business plan and succeed in what it is you are doing you need capital, a realistic business plan and a solid product or a unique service. However, in the course of running a business, several issues might come up that will challenge your integrity or your employees’ professional conduct in order to overcome obstacles. Most successful business …

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ways to start your business with no money

5 Ways to Start your Business with no Money

All too often it happens to hear the following phrase from a friend or relative “I have a business idea but no money!” Getting a business started with no money sounds impossible. Because to realize your startup dream, you first need to cover some initial expenses to get it off the ground. So, are there are really …

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8 Cities with the Best Networking for Freelancers

As a freelancer, you know your career has grown leaps and bounds thanks to technology which allows you to work remotely through various online tools. Even new freelancers can use multiple online networking and job posting sites to develop their new careers. It’s easy to focus on the online environment for networking to find clients, work, and any other type …

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How to do a market research step by step!

The ultimate goal of a business to cater to its clientele’s needs in order to gain profits. As a small business owner, your aim is to detect, understand and address those needs to the maximum of your abilities and resources. We have previously mentioned in our blog, how important it is to comprehend your customers’ needs …

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Automated reminders are officially here!

New season, new features at Elorus! Since you’re probably returning to the normal pace of everyday life, we thought you’d love to see new and exciting features that will make the comeback easier! We are confident that, returning from vacation, you encountered many tasks that have fallen behind, while you enjoyed moments of relaxation. What would you …

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