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Client portal – What is it and why your company needs one today!

When interacting with clients, business owners find themselves consuming a large amount of time in the exchange of countless phone calls and emails. In the majority of cases, those communications have to do with transactions, payments and other details related to sales. The overhead created is every business owner’s nightmare. Keeping all this information neat and in …

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What does bootstrapping your business mean? Is it for you?

Wikipedia defines bootstrapping as “startup (an Internet-based business or other enterprise) with minimal financial resources.” And it’s a fairly accurate description. But how do you actually bootstrap a start-up business? You begin where you are and you raise your company from the ground up without external help. This doesn’t mean that you start with minimal capital though, you …

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Benefits of incorporating a business in the US

There is no doubt that owning a small business comes with a lot of benefits and flexibility. You get to do things your own way, chase your dreams as far as they can go and hopefully you will earn a decent living out of it. Most small business owners focus on expanding their trade and finding new ways …

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Why every small business should try discount coupons today

When searching for marketing strategies that will increase customer attraction and enhance the loyalty of existing ones, small business owners get lost in a myriad of solutions that might work for them or not. And by “work” we mean, deliver results; gain new customers, increase conversion rates, increase the minimum basket of each customer and many more. We are all aware (hopefully) …

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Want to ace your next job interview? 7 things you should stop doing today!

So, job hunting is going great! You’ve successfully overcome the first challenge of career searching, which is creating an attractive resume that potential employers actually read (Yaaay!). You’ve sent your resume to a certain number of interesting companies; some never got back to you, but others actually responded positively and invited you for an interview. And this …

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