Choosing the right corporation structure for your small business

In order for your small business to thrive, you must choose the right business structure that best reflects your internal operations and future aspirations.

  PUBLISHED MAY 31, 2017

Benefits of incorporating a business in the US

What happens the minute you outgrow the “small” business suit? Is it safe to stay there, while all the “big things” await you on the next level?

  PUBLISHED MAY 19, 2017

Choosing a pricing model between different examples, so that it fits your freelance business

So, what’s the deal with the freelance pricing rate models out there? Which does best suit your needs? How to determine whether you should use hourly rate or monthly retainer? How will you figure this out on your own?

  PUBLISHED MAY 12, 2017

Why every small business should try discount coupons today

External factors have resulted in customers spending less. How will your company increase revenues when you sell in lower prices, by offering discount coupons? And, how much discount should you offer, to get some value?


How to cultivate a risk taking culture inside your company

Cultivating any type of culture is a tricky business, especially concerning taking risks that can either contribute to the company’s growth or its complete disaster


Want to ace your next job interview? 7 things you should stop doing today!

We decided to discuss the subtle art of interviews and how to master them. In this article, we are going to explain those subtleties by illustrating common mistakes that candidates make when under pressure or just plain rookie-ness!


Money Saving as a way to Snowball Your Business Growth

The idea behind it is very simple - if you are able to find ways to cut corners or negotiate better deals with your suppliers, you simply will have more money to work with