5 Tips To Increase Productivity At Work During The Holidays
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5 Tips To Increase Productivity At Work During The Holidays

Irene Kalesi
Irene Kalesi

The holiday season is reminiscent of rest, relaxation, partying, eating and shopping for the majority of people. However, the world keeps on turning, and work has to be done. Preferably, before Christmas time and the new year arrive. The reality is that the Christmas spirit has a negative impact on productivity as early as mid-December. According to Hibob’s latest survey, 70% of employees tend to practice shopping instead of working. So, if this year you would like to enjoy your holidays stress-free without living unfinished business and neglecting to focus on important tasks, then read on. This handbook we’ve assembled can fix your mood and increase your productivity while working on Christmas.

Keep on reading to find out how you can lighten up the atmosphere at work, overcome laziness and masterfully fight distractions. This guide will work as a reminder of all the things you know and can do as well as new perspectives on working up until the holidays or if you’re a busy elf during Christmas time.

Union is strength

Generally, people can solve problems, overcome difficult situations and focus on a goal when they are united. Therefore, if you are a manager or the owner of a business, you have to understand a simple truth. The holidays are not an ideal period for people to work. So, you should encourage and help your workers or co-workers psychologically.

Organize fun brainstorming sessions, let all the fun projects for the month of December and above all don’t nag and discipline them without any reason. This way, your team will have more chances to perform adequately. Of course,  we all know that it’s the employees’ duty to work effectively. This doesn’t mean that the management or owner should behave negatively to the employees ever, but especially during the holidays.

This may sound a bit childish but employers should take some parameters into account. You have to set realistic objectives and make sure that the whole team works towards finishing the pending projects.

Fight distractions to stay on track

The holiday season is a huge distraction by itself with its sparkling marketing and joyful spirit. But social media are not helping either. Instead, they are stalling you and stop you from increasing your productivity. Pages, users and online magazines on social media platforms upload a multitude of absorbing posts about Christmas, pictures about shopping, smart memes, and funny stories. All of the above can keep an employee from working.

Especially during holiday periods, the employees tend to be more absent-minded, inclined to surf around the internet or chat with their friends on social media. Some employees may even shop, organize events and trips while at work. This way, productivity at work decreases since workers get slower and leave piles of incomplete tasks behind them.

Embrace the holiday spirit but don’t exaggerate

Most of the time, the celebratory mood does not increase productivity. On the contrary, it basically leads you astray. However, the right way to embrace Christmas is not by fully surrendering to the preparation of festivities, the partying and decoration. You won’t deny helping or participating in the celebrations but remember that your time is valuable this holiday season.

Especially if you will have to face specific deadlines, the holiday spirit that fills your mind can easily be replaced by anxiety when your deliverables are not ready. So, discipline yourself and be the hardcore professional you dream of being this Christmas season. It’s understandably hard to avoid the Christmas sirens calling you but try to persevere. Who knows, your manager or boss may appreciate your hard work and may have a raise or a new position for you in the near future…

Take a raincheck on your holiday

Every employee wants some days off during the holiday season. However, if your Christmas negotiations have failed so far and you have to work, change your holiday plans. A great idea would be to organize a nice trip in January or February. This way, you will go on holiday at a cheaper, less crowded period of time, but you will also keep your mind on the job more easily. You won’t have the Christmas decoration all around and you’ll get the time off you really need. For a trip like this to be feasible, you need to have finished the work that has to be done. After working hard during the holidays, you will be stress-free and without any work-related concerns in mind during your winter vacation. A smart tip is to ask a few more days off when you organize the trip if you worked harder than expected during Christmas.

On the other side, if you’re unlucky enough to be working on Christmas then think about organizing a post-Christmas potluck.  You could even organize a house party on your next day off. Friends and family members won’t say no to a potluck or a fun night together.

Make your office feel like home

Our working environment is crucial when it comes to boosting productivity at work. First of all, fill your office with Christmas decorations if you’re into Christmas. You will feel better if you have Christmas lights, a Santa mug, a pretty garland or even an “ugly” holiday sweater to complete the look. If you like working with music on your headphones, consider choosing a non-stop Christmas radio station or your favorite playlist. At the same time, the office Christmas party, a gift exchange or the occasional Christmas treats that usually appear during the holidays will lift your spirits. If you’re lucky enough to have an “office family” to spend your working hours with, the fact that you’re not at home eating and drinking with your actual family and friends will help a lot.

Overall, the tips above are tested and can really help you when you just want to scrooge about your predicament of working before and during the holidays. Think that you won’t have to go through a post-holiday blues phase since you won’t take many days off. We’re just kidding, but good things can come out of your working Christmas. If you stay productive, you won’t have time to lose on complaining, and you will get work done. Yet, we are human beings who are affected by our mood so improving the way you feel will increase productivity at work. Your boss, your manager, your colleagues and of course you, can contribute to setting a stimulating and pleasant atmosphere to make your teamwork count.