Building a corporate culture by avoiding these common mistakes!

The right way to build your corporate culture

The question “what is corporate culture?” may come to mind when reading this article. Business culture is difficult to define as a quantifiable concept as it differs from company to company. However, we know it is highly dependent on leadership and that it takes a strong set of well-defined values and goals. Apart from its …

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team productivity tips for startups

5 Team Productivity Tips for Fast Growing Startups

We have already mentioned the significance of team productivity for an organization’s performance. Naturally, efficient teams that cooperate well with each other contribute to achieving company goals. In this post, we’ll discuss how productivity and efficiency are often compromised when adding new team members – something that startup owners are very familiar with. We’ll also share 5 top …

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professional career development the easy way!

5 Ways to Maximize your Professional Development

Have you ever wondered what all successful people have in common? Either they run a company or keep on landing promotions as employees. It seems like there’s nothing they can’t accomplish! Usually multi-talented and self-driven, they strive for one thing: professional development. The concept might seem complicated, but it mostly boils down to education. It’s …

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reasons you really need a freelance time tracking platform

5 Reasons why Freelance Time Tracking is a MUST

If you are a freelancer looking into ways to organize your schedule, you’ve come to the right place! In this post, we will explore the ways a freelance time tracking software helps you organize your workflow and increase productivity. We know the struggle of wrapping up a workday and feeling like you’ve accomplished only a …

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POS system selection questions and answers

Choosing the Right POS System: 4 Crucial Questions to Ask

These days, POS systems aren’t simply limited to classic open-and-close cash registers. Rather, modern POS systems are complex pieces of hardware and software that work together to bring businesses like yours into the 21st century. Whether you’re an established company still working off of clunky legacy hardware or an up-and-coming small business looking to make an investment …

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employee time tracking

How to Encourage Employee Time Tracking in 5 Simple Steps

By the time you are reading this, we hope you have already realized the importance of a time management software for your business. Just to refresh your memory, let’s mention some impressive statistics on the matter: Time tracking increases productivity: Companies have reported a 30% productivity boost in the first month of implementing it! “Over 85% of Best-in-Class companies integrate their time …

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Time management and productivity in the workplace

How to Improve Work-Life Balance and Productivity in the Workplace through Time Management

Over the last few weeks, we have delved into time management from a number of perspectives; what it is, how to achieve it, and how it benefits you and your business. In this article, we focus on how to improve work-life balance and productivity through effective time management. Besides, the ultimate goal of adopting a time management strategy in …

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