6 effective ways to renew enthusiasm at work
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6 effective ways to renew enthusiasm at work

Irene Kalesi
Irene Kalesi

This article is not divine intervention. It’s a personal confession. It’s an account of all the things that could go right to avoid failed teamwork and unpleasant working conditions. Of course, I can understand that the business world is not an easy one to be part of. Still, there are always ways to make things more humane.  

Business and personal relations take hard work to succeed. There will be good times and bad times. But, it’s on you as a supervisor, manager, team leader, and business owner to induce enthusiasm and improve communication with your colleagues. Enthusiasm at work should never be optional because it is an integral part of work.

Commit them to a purpose

The most vital and enduring form of inspiration is the existence of a goal. Workforces without goals are short-lived and more likely to fail. Though, that goal must fulfill specific requirements. First, it has to be realistic so that the employees understand that the tasks they have to run are within their reach. Second, it should have a higher cause. The goal cannot just be about moneymaking. The employees need something deeper than money to connect personally with. Last but not least, the pursuit of a goal should come packed with an explicit strategy and a management timeline. Then, the whole venture has more chances to go smooth but also keep the team’s spirit up.

Acknowledge their work

The worst thing that an employee has to face in the workplace is the lack of (deserved) praise. Positive feedback can get you through the workload or financial problems in the company that you’re working for. A small pat on the back, a “thank you” post-it note, and a good word while passing in the corridor are more than enough to breathe new life into your employees. It’s incredible how many employees, including yours truly, have been in companies where their skills have been underappreciated, their spirit broken and their devotion exploited. So, if you’re a small business owner or have founded an agency keep in mind that your employees are your fellow travelers and your goal is to reach the top with them and not by stepping on them.

Help them get better

However, you may not have praise for a member of your staff.  But if you see potential, then think about lending a helping hand. This way, you can light a spark in them. Enthusiasm and guidance can contribute to the creation of a keen professional ready to offer his/her skills to your cause. Sometimes when the passion for work is nonexistent, the urge to improve fades away. Therefore, helping your employees improve will boost their confidence, their enthusiasm as well as their performance.

Improve communication

First, establish team communication, then aim for greatness. The points discussed so far are not feasible if there is bad or no communication. Not just between teammates but most importantly between the management and the employees. You cannot dream, plan or collaborate at work without communication. So before uniting anyone under your cause, try connecting with each other. It doesn’t have to be in a professional way necessarily. It could be a spontaneous proposal for a night out or a team-building activity outside the workplace. Speaking from experience, paintball, VR arcades, and good food can be so much fun and bring about enthusiasm at work. If you add some drinks to the mix to loosen up a bit, you have a team ready to mingle. There is nothing better than working in a team where you don’t feel the need to check the time every other minute like a prisoner.

Find the odd one out

After you’ve built all your bridges to success, there might still be a member of your workforce that will try to burn them. That employee may be a distractor or the wrong fit for your company. So, your first action is to talk to that person one on one and try to improve your communication. He/she may have personal issues or unattended professional matters. Discussing your issues with them may actually help them get on board and join the good fight with you. After the talk, give them some time to readjust. They may want to change their behavior and blend in with the rest of the team. However, if this process doesn’t work, then you may have to part ways with them.

Create a fun-loving atmosphere

The much-needed enthusiasm at work that you are trying to achieve is affected by one more thing. Your company’s space and facilities. This is as important as all the other points in this article. Keeping an interesting setting will have a positive effect on your team. Start with the small stuff, a neat kitchen with good coffee and a variety of tea flavors. Or cool boards where your employees can stick their thoughts on and light up their days. At the same time, some exercise is always helpful since endorphins make you happier and so much more productive. So, a ping pong table, a pool table but also a footballing are excellent choices for team bonding and team chilling. Of course, if you have a budget, you could make a bright office with cozy furniture and a design that fits your company.

All in all, enthusiasm at work is not a substitute for performance. However, you need to be prepared to shake things up when you see that performance is decreasing at work. Find your team’s weaknesses. Work on them to improve communication in the workplace. Oh, and you should never forget to deal with possible issues on a personal level, not just in team meetings. After all, we are human beings first, and then professionals.

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