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5 genuine ways to thank your clients (so they'll love you even more!)

Elorus Team
Elorus Team

Appreciating your clients is rather a process than just random expressions of gratitude. As with every relationship, business relationships need to be backed up by actions to actually convey the message of appreciation. So, as long as you keep in mind that actions speak louder than words, you’ll be able to come up with creative personalized – ways to say “thank you” to your clients.

Below is a list of suggestions that you can adjust to your industry and personal style. Especially, if you own a company that offers some kind of service, you need to be extra resourceful since you don’t sell an actual product you can pack and send them as a “thank you” token.

Customer appreciation ideas

1. Important details

Nowadays, it’s easy to store all kinds of information about your clients (always with their consent) that can serve as a nice touch in your communications. This information can be the reason to offer them a special treat on a special moment of theirs. This could be:

  • Birthday dates
  • Anniversaries
  • Spouse’s or children’s birthdays

Such info can be saved on CRM software (Customer Relationships Management) that will notify you so you can send a gift, a card, or both to express your gratitude and be somehow present on your clients’ special occasion. If you own a small business a simple online calendar will do the job, too!

2. Unexpected discount/gifts

Sending something special on a special day is kinda predictable, we know! So, why not offer a treat out of the blue? It could be a personal “thank you” email including a discount code for future purchases, a small gift to show appreciation for their business, or an exclusive privilege for them to sample your new products, before their official release.

Remember to keep it simple and close to each client’s preferences. For example, if you have a clothing shop you can give them discounts on items similar to what they have previously bought. It’s really a win-win here because they’re obviously delighted and will keep coming back to you for more!

3. Support them in other ways

The client/vendor B2B relationship is usually just a typical exchange of money for goods/services, but it doesn’t have to be like that all the time. If you really want to thank a customer, you need to show it in other ways, as well. See what you can do for them without expecting reciprocation. It could be as simple as sharing their Facebook page from time to time or promoting their business to relatives and partners!

4. Share important contacts

If you want to thank your clients, it means you wish to create a long-lasting bond with them. In order to do that, pay attention to their needs and wishes, even if you don’t necessarily have the answers or the expertise to help them.

You can always just refer them to the right person and resources; This way you let them know that you value them as partners and as individuals. For example, let’s suppose you discussed renovating ideas with your clients, but you know just the right connection to help them out with that project.

Send them an email like “Our conversation got me thinking and I just happen to know an awesome interior designer to help you out.” The customer will be amazed you remembered your conversation and will appreciate your gesture just because you simply listened to them! That said…

5. Share industry insights, too!

If you and your client do business in closely linked or interdependent industries, you can express your gratitude for their loyalty, by supplying them with information about industry shifts or possible hazards. This way, you create strong bonds and built their trust in you which will lead to a long-term business relationship. It is also possible, that they will reciprocate and inform you of eminent threats and give you valuable inside information on their industry, as well!

Thanking your customers for doing business with you is not about grand gestures but rather about small things that make all the difference. Whatever you choose to go with to delight your clients remember to keep it simple and personalized.

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