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Business website mistakes everybody makes

As we mentioned in our previous article, your business identity greatly impacts how customers perceive you and your products’/services’ quality. Your company’s website is the first impression they have of who you are and how you can help them, so you want to make it stand out. In that effort, trying to impress and all, some businesses either take it …

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5 tips for hiring your first employee

Most freelance operations are one-man shops. You are your own boss, sure, but you are also your own customer support, sales team, logistics and IT department and quite a lot more. And you can pull it all off, too, when you are starting out or when business is sporadic. When success comes through, and you find that you have more work than you …

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What to do when a client won’t pay up (pt. 2)

Freelancers deliver and customers pay — that is the natural order of doing business. In theory, at least. For, in practice, one encounters all kind of clients that plainly refuse to pay up, from the willing-but-unable because of some recent misfortune type to those that intended to scam you all along.  (And let’s don’t forget the all too common self-righteous “this …

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What to do when a client won’t pay up (pt. 1)

Whether what you do as a freelancer is a total labor or love, or just something you do to put food on the table, it’s essential that you’re getting paid for your work. This, after all, is what differentiates a freelancing business from a hobby that you might as well do in your spare time. Unfortunately, while all clients agree …

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How to avoid turning a networking event into a nightmare

We all know how modest freelancers can be when it comes to presenting their work. Also, how nervous they get when, among their audience, could be someone really important to their next accomplishment. Networking may seem stressful but as long as you have well-structured speech combined with some other elements we suggest, you can become your own best marketer. …

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Tips on managing your freelancing project’s scope

There’s this saying about being careful of what you wish for — because you just might get it. As a freelancer, you’ll have many opportunities to appreciate its wisdom. Take project management for one. If you come from the corporate world, you’ll probably have many bad experiences with incompetent project managers over-promising and leading their teams into “death marches” to be able to finish …

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Back to basics: Starting a new business

Ideas for new business ventures may strike you anytime, anyplace. It could be a marketplace gap you noticed after a purchase fail, a personal experience that urged you to act for solving a problem or, ideally, something truly innovative that you’ve been working on for a long time. No matter the circumstances, bringing your vision to life is important for …

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Simple tips to invoice like a pro!

Invoicing is perceived by many to be the most boring of chores a businessman can suffer. There is a small minority that finds joy in its repetitive nature, mostly perhaps it brings them one step closer to getting paid for their services/goods. Nonetheless, as with so many other things in this life, it’s mandatory and it wouldn’t do any …

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Top 7 self employed jobs

Don’t like being an office drone? Hate the corporate cubicle? Can’t stand pointy-haired bosses telling you what to do? Tired of the daily nine to five routine? Would rather be your own boss? Well, join the club. No, not the club of disgruntled and disillusioned corporate employees (though, you probably belong there too) ― but …

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