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5 Top Technology Investments to Make in 2017

The 2016 Connected Small Business Report surveyed approximately 300 small business owners toward the end of 2016 to determine any insights into the trends toward technology investment in the coming year. Many small business owners continue to rely on manual processes to store and track customer information as well as handle other aspects of business operations, while many are geared toward making further technology …

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secured small business loans: Are they for you?

Are Secured Small Business Loans for You?

Growing your business often means dealing with the business challenge of finding a way to tap into additional capital, which you may not necessarily have in your bank account. Since money trees aren’t real, the next best option to planting one is to seek out some type of business loan. A secured business loan is one type …

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How to get a small business loan in 5 steps

There comes a point in every successful small business owner’s career that they need to expand their trade. This could mean all kinds of things like investing in new equipment, conquer a new market, undertaking a big project or spending more money on their marketing and promotional efforts. As one can easily figure out, every …

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6 tips: how to take a holiday when you are a freelancer

Being a freelancer is all about freedom; you get to decide your daily schedule, arrange your obligations according to it and prioritize your workload as you see fit. But freelancing entails challenges as well. While being your own boss is great, managing your one-man shop is difficult because of all the roles you need to fulfill! Thankfully, automatic …

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Top 5 Reasons Why Most Small Businesses Fail

Being a business owner mostly means taking risks and being 100% committed 24/7 in order for your business to survive and thrive. However, how many times have you seen a perfectly good idea, become a profitable business for a while and then crash to the ground for, “apparently”, no reasonable explanation? According to the 2016 SBA’s (Small Business …

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