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Personal Brand: Dos & Don’ts for Freelancers

The image of the freelancer is often portrayed as one of an underdog, always scrapping for work, fighting for a good rate, or just to get paid. Yet, with a little effort, it is possible, no matter what the reality, to present yourself to potential clients as a firm, calm and respected professional. This personal brand …

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New Year, Brand-New Elorus!

We hope 2017 has started as exciting for you, as for us here in Elorus! We promise that in the months ahead of us the application will pleasantly surprise you with new and useful features that will change the way you work. Elorus’s extreme makeover has already begun and we are excited to present it …

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Quitting your job to chase your startup dream? Read this!

Cubicles. Endless meetings. Pointy-haired bosses. Executives without a clue. Tedious PowerPoints. There’s a lot not to like in the typical 9-5 job. Then there’s the lure of starting your own business. Being your own boss. Creating something that you really like — and perhaps making it big, if it resonates with the market. If those Instagram …

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10 Mistakes to avoid when invoicing your customers

Invoicing may be your least favorite paperwork to do as a business owner or freelancer since its time consuming and tedious. But, it’s unarguably your most important. After all, if you don’t invoice your customers, you can’t get compensated for your goods or services. Unfortunately, most people believe that they can quickly create an invoice …

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