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What are some realistic New Year resolutions at work and how to stick on them

Every new year comes with new hopes and aspirations. It is as if you press a reset button and you feel able to start over. That is why many people decide to change some aspects of their lives and where New Year resolutions come from. For quite a majority of people, business and office related goals for a new year at work, are the top priority. More often than not, those resolutions end up deserted and you wonder why they failed.

Don’t worry! Statistics on keeping new year resolutions show interesting facts and prove you are not alone in this fight to make resolutions that work. According to research, half the population makes new year resolutions but only 8% of people who manage to make them stick. And if you wonder how long they tend to last, over 40% abandon their goals before the end of January. In this article, we will present to you a few solid work goals for the new year, and a few tips to stick to your goals throughout this new existing new year.

New Year resolutions ideas for the workplace

#1 Create a detailed business plan

business plan is more than a presentation of your company’s vision and aspiration. It can be the guidelines and keep you on track. It is actually a very powerful tool to keep your resolutions. Check online for examples and templates and try it yourself. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Start by setting business goals and objectives. Whether you own a small business or a start-up business there are many types of short term and long term corporate goals you can establish and tactics to accomplish them.

At the end of the year, you can follow your progress and see if you did meet your business goals. See your abilities and set better goals. It can help you in your day to day activities. Furthermore, if you create it with your team you can all participate in fulfilling your targets.

#2 Follow the digital Marketing trends and build your Web & Social Media presence

Digital Marketing is no more a trend that you should “try”. It has already become an indispensable part of the business world globally and has already changed the way we all do business. This year decide to study and discover the abilities and opportunities it can provide for your business. Add it to the business plan we mentioned above and keep improving your social media presence.

Some good objective examples are website visits, conversions, and Social Media Engagement goals. It depends on your type of company and business plan as mentioned in point 1. If you already have a digital presence make sure to check the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality functions and promotion opportunities. Video remains the top content for 2018.

#3 Organize your finances

Set Finance goals and objectives. Improve your invoicing and billing process. Building a business plan and a digital strategy are useful goals and resolutions. But let’s be honest. Business is about profit. For many, money is the most profound profit you can gain. Decide your target revenue growth rate. The expenses you want to make. The Cost per customer’s Acquisition you want to achieve in order to be profitable.

Setting financial goals can be challenging but thanks to the online tools it can be made easy. Finance and accounting tools help you set clear goals, see risks and opportunities. You can easily monitor and track your expenses, get paid online and check your inventory, while you can export reports to make setting goals work efficiently.

Those goals are a good place to start and chances are they can boost your company within a year. But do new year resolutions work? If you are worried or overwhelmed, below you can find some advice that can help you simplify your goal setting and following process.

Set S.M.A.R.T. goals

Set goals that are quite Specific to the result you wish to bring. Your business objectives must be Measurable like for example number of new customers you want to reach. Set goals that are Agreed upon by all team members and achievable because you really want to be Realistic. Last but not least set Time-binding goals. Have a deadline in order to enable yourself to set priorities and track your goal completion

Focus on one goal at a time.

Do not try to change everything in a day. Change requires time and focus. That said, focus on one target per period. When this work experience becomes a routine, move on to the next step.

Accomplish every goal step by step.

If you wonder how to keep your new year office resolutions the greatest how-to is to take one small step every day. Break your goal down to micro-milestones and follow them through one at a time. This will make it easy and your mind will feel more able to take the next step if it slightly bigger than the previous one. If you only think about the big picture and your mind feels despair and is likely to give up.


Be diligent. Involve people in the goal setting and execution. Everyone can add abilities and knowledge and all of you together as a team can make your resolutions stick. Also, it has been stated that “public” commitment is a strong motive to goal accomplishment.

Be patient.

If you are serious about changing and succeeding you have to understand that success is not something you own forever but earned day by day. Don’t rush because you might burn out your strength and willpower. Give time to change. Discover your power and make sure you are setting goals that are matching your desires and not someone else’s.

Most importantly try and try again.

Failure is only something you do not know yet. After failing a few times, you will do better. If you have a bad day, give up, get tired or don’t meet the first deadline it is ok. Start again.

Although the feeling of holiday and joy of New Year’s Eve make us decide upon changing our business life, it doesn’t have to be January to change. You can decide to alter your life in every aspect at any time of the year. There is no use in stressing yourself too much. Bottom-line you want to change to be happier and feel accomplished and fulfilled.

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