7 Business Things To Do Before Christmas
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7 Business Things To Do Before Christmas

Irene Kalesi
Irene Kalesi

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year (if you’re singing the song in your head, you really like Christmas). It’s also the best period to organize your business, market it the way you want and plan your future actions. Of course, things can get overwhelming when the holiday season is approaching. To help you out, we’ve gathered a few Christmas business tips and ideas to prepare your business for the upcoming celebratory period.

Bring the Christmas spirit into your emails

Christmas should be a time of celebration, warmth, and appreciation. So what’s better than bringing this jolly atmosphere to your emails addressed to your client base and collaborators.

Personalize your correspondence to fit your oldest customers’ profiles. Address them with their first names, celebrate with them by showing the right amount of gratitude for selecting your product/services to cover their business needs. Or even prepare something little extra to show you don’t take them for granted, but we’ll talk about this extensively a bit further. Unique business ideas for any Christmas related campaigns are always welcome.

Invest in your website design

The average human beings love some Christmas spirit sprinkled over their shopping adventures. Be it online or a physical location; you ought to decorate your website or store accordingly. Remember that holiday sales increase and it’s mostly due to the general atmosphere of giving, self-Indulgence, and overconsumption.

Thus, it’s always important to embrace the decorations and make yours stand out. In the end, enjoy the holiday season since the authentic Christmas feeling at your workplace is as important as your sales. It could also very much affect them if your business exudes joy and warmth.

Mix and match services and products

Christmas time is also a good opportunity for experimentation. So why not focusing on business ideas for Christmas sales? Mix and match products and services to create more appealing deals and packages for old and new customers. For example, if you’re selling email marketing, social media moderation, and website revamping, you could form some interesting packages in terms of services. You could also adjust your services to match different company sizes with different prices and perks for each category.

Spread gifts like a business Santa

Amongst all the different celebrations, people tend to love receiving presents at Christmas. So, please do not act like Ebenezer Scrounge.  Don’t deny them the joy of getting an added product, a discount or an extra much-wanted service.

You must think wisely and offer gifts that can satisfy your clientele.  At the same time, these gifts should be within your budget and business abilities. They should also apply to everyone since it’s Christmas. However, they could be a bit more personal and generous for your oldest and steadiest clients. They have been with you for many years supporting your business journey so far. If you sell products and not services, then free shipping or a token gift with the delivery can make a difference. At the same time, don’t forget the original Christmas treats for you, your friends, family and professional circle. Those Christmas expenses are important too.

Tie up any loose ends

Maybe the most important pre-Christmas business tip is this one. Since the end of the year is approaching and in order to have a Happy New Year, you should borrow some wisdom from the three wise men. As a business person, you need to deal with all unsettled debts.  Then, the new year can start without any undealt obligations.

Never omit to cross-examine your progress so far with your business plan to see if your cash flow, your savings, and your expenses are on normal levels. By doing this, you can learn from your mistakes and continue doing what’s successful. Your New Year resolutions will be awaiting for you after the holidays to continue your professional journey!

Plan ahead to have a Happy New Year

It’s always important to look in the past to track your business evolution. But it’s only useful when you apply this extra knowledge to your future plans. Think about any changes you want to make, narrow down on your choices and plan their fruition. This way, you start a new year with an already thought out plan. No walking in the dark business world without a torch.

Planning may not only include business moves regarding sales, price adjustments, and product updates. Your office could need renovations, or you may need new hires to complement your existing team. Hence, think of planning work and space-related things to do to avoid losing valuable time with last-minute decisions and preparations.

Share your near future plans with your clientele

Apart from the necessary designing process of the upcoming business year, you should also think ahead and inform your clientele about the changes that will affect them the most. Price adjustments, the addition of new features, removal of old services, repackaging of products/ services are such examples.

So, a Christmas business tip to consider is to give a heads-up to your older customers and introduce the reasons you’re actually doing the changes. This way, your clients will understand where you’re coming from as well as feel like being a part of your business community. You could also throw in the mix a deadline that old customers can buy the new service packages/ products with the old prices or with a notable discount.

On a final note, all the above ideas are points that can help you out with the overall organization and presentation of your business in light of the holiday season. So buckle up, embrace the holiday spirit and ripe what you have sown! Next stop will be to organize an awesome office Christmas party and celebrate the holiday season; you deserve it.