Christmas Expenses. Get lost in the Magic without the guilt of overspending.
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Christmas Expenses. Get lost in the Magic without the guilt of overspending.

Elorus Team
Elorus Team

Revenue, expenses, sales, investments, ROI and endless terms that define the business world each day of the year. We are all on track – or trying hard to stay on it – doing our best to evolve in our carrier, family, social and personal life, according to our values and needs. We are always counting and calculating income and expenses as our cashflow, whether corporate or personal, defines the majority of our decisions. But, what about Christmas expenses? That time of the year is amazingly profitable for businesses and a big deal for consumers that usually dedicate themselves to shopping, as statistics show.

Since our lives are moving with the speed of light, or the Internet connection to be accurate, we decided to remind you that there are some expenses in Christmas you should actually enjoy in between meetings, obligations, and budgeting. Below you can find the three absolutely necessary Christmas expenses of your budget.

1. Gifts

Attendance Please! Before you storm in every shop, with or without a list, do not forget the most significant gift recipient of all. Yourself.

You have worked hard, you strived and you were patient. On top of these, you said no to distractions, you have changed, and tried to evolve. So, you were not naughty, you were nice. So be your own Santa and get yourself an amazing gift.

After making your inner child happy, go and spread the love! Buy gifts for all your favorite people whose smiles make you feel alive. It doesn’t matter if it is expensive or not, big or small, useful or fun, as long as it is from the heart.

And yes. Finally buy gifts for social or business obligations too. You may see it as something you want to avoid but have to do. If you think about it those presents also serve a purpose and you will feel quite happy after offering them to their recipients.

2. Indulge yourselves

Food, chocolate, gingerbread cookies and many more Christmas “sinful” delights are awaiting you at home, in the office and all-around provoking you to go wild.

Well, this time of year just say YES to your favorite sinful delight! You probably said no many times throughout the year, so just let it go and enjoy your time without regrets.

If you are afraid of losing control, set your healthy boundaries. The goal is not to get completely off track. The goal is to enjoy what matters most to you without guilt or anxiety. Make sure not to overdo it because that could sabotage your happy times.

To make it easier to decide in advance, pick your favorite food, your favorite dessert that you absolutely have to taste and go for it. Spend your money on making memories with those you love and satisfy all your senses. Money on this kind of Christmas expenses is money well spent.

3. Discover something new

Go to a Luna Park, dine at a restaurant you have never been before, take on a hobby, watch a new movie. It doesn’t need to be a leap of faith or a major life-transforming experience.

Just do something you haven’t done in the past. That way you will let the year go with the feeling that you have done something different. You learned something new and it was a good year.

Gifts, indulging food and beverages and something new. Set some money aside for those three and you will not regret it. This will help you say goodbye to this year happily, free and relaxed with a smile that comes from within. Let yourself flow in the Christmas Magic. Ensure that you spend the precious time you are given with your loved ones, in a way that pleases you. Enjoy every minute of those last days of the year that now steps aside for the new year to step forward.

And relax.  Elorus got your back with the 2019 feature addition, our very own expense management. So, if you feel overwhelmed businesswise, never forget that Elorus is next to you anytime to help you organize your finances. And since Elorus is your sleepless ally, we are always working on finding new unique solutions for better financial management and evaluation of what seems to be the most desirable good of our era, time.

The team behind Elorus wishes you all:

“Have a very Merry Christmas and a blessed new year filled with joy and prosperity”

Updated on 12/2/2019