How to deal with anxiety at work: 10 ways to achieve it!

Experiencing anxiety at work is quite commonplace. The problem is, anxiety might be creeping up on you without you realizing it. Most people recognize only the obvious symptoms of anxiety, like excessive worrying, palpitations, and fast breathing. Fatigue, restlessness, headaches, sleep problems are also indications that you might be more stressed than you think. The …

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The rise of coworking spaces and their business benefits. Learn who uses coworking spaces and how to increase your productivity.

The rise of coworking spaces and their business benefits

Imagine a perfectly structured and formal, yet relaxed working environment where innovation is achieved through ideas exchange and collaboration. This is the idea behind coworking spaces. The rise of coworking spaces has coincided with the rise of the millennial workforce, which strives for a new, more flexible workplace that respects the need for work-life balance and …

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