Get paid faster with Authorize.Net
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Get paid faster with Authorize.Net

Elorus Team
Elorus Team

We here at Elorus know “first hand” how significant the concept of cash flow really is for a company. This is the reason why we’re constantly striving to find new ways for you to get paid easily and without unnecessary delays.

In this context, we have incorporated to Elorus even more payment options by adding Authorize.Net, a new online payments provider and by providing offline payments via VivaWallet!

Let’s see what’s new!

Get paid online with Authorize.Net!

Authorize.Net allows you to accept credit cards and cash deposits that go straight to your merchant’s bank account. It also enables transactions in multiple currencies, allowing you to get paid from clients all over the world!

Get paid OFFLINE via VivaWallet!

Υou now have the option of accepting offline payments for the invoices you issue in Elorus! Provided that the VivaWallet gateway is already set up in your organization, you can offer the following payment options to your clients:

  • Web banking/Viva spots: Your clients will have the option to pay via their web banking service or in cash by visiting a Viva Spot!
  • Payments@home: your customers can contact a courier service that will visit them in two working days in order to collect the money for you!
  • Phone payments (IVR): Using a credit/debit card customers can pay you by phone quickly and safely.

Elorus prints a unique payment code in your documents, which can be used by customers to pay you directly, from home while in their pajamas!

Once a payment is processed by VivaWallet (takes about 2 working days), Elorus will create the associated receipt automatically, updating the client’s balance & your cash totals. For all that, you get notifications in-app and via email!

More great news coming your way!

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