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New Year, Brand-New Elorus!

Elorus Team
Elorus Team

We hope 2017 has started as exciting for you, as for us here in Elorus! We promise that in the months ahead of us the application will pleasantly surprise you. So we’re back with new and useful features that will change the way you work.

Elorus’ extreme makeover has already begun and we are excited to present it to you formally, today.

Let’s see what’s new!

Fresh look & feel

This is the first of a series of changes that will facilitate navigation and improve the user experience inside the application. The new color palette we have chosen is brighter and more “kind on the eye”, with particular emphasis on grouping and semantic coding of the colors.

At the same time, we have paid great attention to the responsiveness of the interface in mobile screens. Our new trick up our sleeve is a multitude of improvements regarding data entry forms and the application’s other pages.

Working with your accountant becomes even easier!

You asked and we delivered: the massive download of PDF invoices along with their attachments is live! In just 2 clicks, you can now download a zip file of selected entries. Your entries can be organized in inner folders and properly classified. The same goes for your expenses, where you can bulk download attached receipts/invoices. This function is particularly useful for your accountant, and will make record keeping a breeze!

If your accountant does not have access to Elorus yet, what are you waiting for? Save time by inviting them to create their own users by following the instructions found here.

Void documents

There are cases in which an issued document will not ultimately be delivered to the customer (due to error, order cancellation etc.). The problem is, you are not allowed to delete this document because it will create an unwanted gap in your serial numbering.

Rather than issuing a credit note, you can now cancel the document without creating a numbering gap nor taking further unnecessary actions.