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Elorus Team
Elorus Team

We, here at Elorus, decided that it was about time we introduced ourselves properly to the world. Up until now, we have let the application and its capabilities speak louder than words. In this modest fashion, we will proceed with presenting to you Elorus’s journey from infancy to adulthood.

Elorus was first conceived, by George and Pantelis, back in 2013 when the two were just a couple of freelance web developers. It struck them as odd that, even though online invoicing is not something new, the Greek market was lacking one. Most significantly, it was inconceivable to them invoicing in manuscripts for their services, bearing in mind the advanced technology tools they were using every day. Why not employ those same tools to invoice online and keep track of their overall performance?

Boom! The decision was made and both started working on the project day and night, trying to come up with cool features and a user-friendly environment. Elorus was officially “born” in 2014 and the story of its naming is quite interesting. Helorus or Elorus (Greek: Ἕλωρος), was an ancient maritime city in the southeast of Sicily where nearby flows, until today, a river by the same name. Several ancient authors mention that the stagnant pools at the mouth of the river abounded in fish and boosted the region’s market. They thought it sounded nice and saw the connection between the name and the application’s capabilities.

We would like to think of Elorus as a safe harbor where our users can easily issue their invoices online and streamline their daily operations. Just like “Elorus” was a city of intense commercial activity; our application can become the platform for all your commercial transactions.

Of course, like any other child, Elorus grows day by day and requires nurturing and love. The Elorus team really loves what they do and constantly come up with fresh ideas to keep the application evolving. Our ultimate mission is to help you achieve your goals by offering integrated online invoicing and billing solutions to save you valuable time and money that could be better used pursuing more meaningful things rather than tedious paperwork.

Crossing the borders of the Greek market, Elorus caters to all kinds of freelancers and medium-to-small businesses around the world. We get bigger by the minute and this gives us motivation to further explore new possibilities and markets. We would like to thank you for your support and invite you to see for yourself how easy it is to keep your finances tidy and neat! Get your FREE Elorus plan today and take advantage of our online invoicing and billing services.