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With two highly anticipated features we say farewell to 2017!

Elorus Team
Elorus Team

Christmas is upon us, and the elves of Elorus are focusing their efforts to discover new innovative ways to make your daily business life merrier.

We say goodbye to 2017 with two unique features: Tracking Categories for your archive and Customizable User Roles.

Tracking Categories

You asked and we delivered!

Tracking Categories is a new “smart” feature that enables you to group data under categories as per your business needs, analyze the data and get useful insights.

For example, you may create a tracking category to separate your expenses into meaningful groups such as Marketing, Development, and Operations. Through our powerful reporting engine, you will be able to know how much you spend on each activity and make informed budgeting decisions.

And this function can go way beyond expenses. You can easily categorize and track your revenues, income, payments and even your inventory!

Custom User Roles

Take full control over who sees what inside Elorus:

  • Decide the access level of each role within your account.
  • Restrict a user’s access to a subset of the account contacts.

A pretty common scenario is a company’s sales team. Most probably you want to allow sales agents to view and process sales invoices, without having access to other functions such as expense management. To take this one step further, you might want agents to only access the client accounts they have been assigned to.

With Custom User Roles, you can easily create a “Sales Team” role that fits the above criteria and just assign it to the users you want. As a result, your team members will access the right data, anytime, anywhere and via any device!

Here at Elorus, we strive to simplify your daily life, to help you obtain valuable information and make solid decisions about the future of your business.

To this end, we hope these new features will be of great use to you!