Boost your Productivity with our New Time Tracking Feature
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Boost your Productivity with our New Time Tracking Feature

Elorus Team
Elorus Team

We proudly present to you our new feature, Time Tracking. Now, you can easily organize your time and projects, along with your finances, all in one place.

Boost your productivity

Just start our timer and never miss a working minute again!

Monitor your projects

Set up your projects and gain access to useful insights.

Manage your team

Get to analyze & understand your whole team’s performance.

Elorus Time tracking dashboard

6 new functions added

1. Track your time with ease

by just clicking on the timer, or manually log activities that are already completed. Define the details of your time entry, like the project or task.

2. Manage your projects and tasks

Organize your time per project or per task. Managing your time effectively can really help boost your productivity since you will have everything under control. If you wish, you can give access to your clients so they can overview the progress of each project through the client portal. Find out more about projects and tasks.

3. Flexible billing options

Elorus offers you all the possible project billing methods for you to choose:

  • Fixed cost
  • Hourly rate
  • Task hourly rate
  • Assignee hourly rate

You can also set a project or task as “non-billable” for internal or personal use.

4. Invoice your time

Automatically convert time entries into professional invoices according to your project’s charging preferences. Monitor which projects have been paid and which are still pending at a glance.

5. Monitor your team’s productivity

Every team member can create time entries. Project managers can monitor the time entries of other users and have a full overview of the team’s performance.

6. Time and project reports

With our new time tracking reports, you can group your data and gain valuable insights per task, project, user or even customer, so you can evaluate and boost your overall performance.

Here at Elorus, we strive to help you simplify your daily life, boost your productivity and organize your business with just one simple application. To this end, we hope you really enjoy the benefits of our latest feature.