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Cooperation with your clients made even easier, with Elorus!

Elorus Team
Elorus Team

Summer is officially here, but the tireless Elorus team is working hard to further develop the application and make your everyday life a bit easier!

We decided to focus primarily on improving your customers and suppliers management, by incorporating features that will simplify parts of your collaboration that usually consume time.

This way, you can focus on things that bring real value to your business!

Let’s see what’s new!

Clients / Suppliers Balances Reports

Following popular demand, we’ve created a set of reports that allow you to view your customers and suppliers balances collectively, broken down by contact. In addition, the contact reports can display progressive results, at specific points in time. This way, you can see an aggregate total of your customers’ balances for the current quarter compared to the same period last year.

Therefore, you can see how your receivables’ performance over time and, by extension, how effective your collection policy is!

Upgraded contact page & statements!

The contact page has been enriched with useful information and comprehensive charts so you can evaluate the quality of your cooperation, at a glance.

In addition to basic customer or vendor information, you have an overview of all outstanding documents, as well as, total net sales/purchases amounts. Pending credit and cheques are displayed with corresponding indices to keep you up to date.

For contacts that are both customers and suppliers, you can view separate statements depending on the case. The charts inside the contact are configured accordingly, to obtain results for sales separately from purchases.

Do you have transactions in more than one currency? The contact statement can group results by currency and project conversion rates!

Accept / Reject estimates

You can enable your customers to accept or reject offers, both through the client portal and via the permanent link to those offers.

Customers may also leave comments relevant to the offer they accepted or rejected. For each of their actions, you receive a notification via e-mail, as well as in-app, automatically.

Some details that make all the difference …

  • Email and in-app notification every time the customer clicks on a document’s permalink you sent via email or they viewed through the client portal.
  • Upgraded developers API.
  • Search documents by item and description.