Save hundreds of hours with the Elorus Client Portal

Let your customers monitor project progress, make online payments and download their statement of account.

Dedicated client area

Offer a dedicated, online client area

Impress your clients with a dedicated, private support portal. Make it easy for your customers to pay via the client portal: the easier the process, the faster you get paid!

Customer transaction history

Customers may access any invoice, estimate, or credit note you've ever issued towards them. Stop worrying about the statement of accounts; clients can download the statement directly via the software's client portal solutions.

Full transaction history
Control client portal access

Show project progress

Establish transparency with you clients by letting them overview the progress or their projects, in real-time. They are able to view project time entries, billable and non billable hours, along with the already invoiced ammount. You get to choose which data will be accessible to your customers.

Secure, controlled access

Access to the client portal is controlled; you can create your own client portal access rules within a few clicks. And of course, the client portal is served through a secure connection.

Control client portal access

Elorus provides a set of powerful features that make your life easier.