Paperless Timesheet Calendar: Is It Important In Project Management?
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Paperless Timesheet Calendar: Is It Important In Project Management?

Irene Kalesi
Irene Kalesi

Companies of any size will always need to turn time into their ally. Time management is one of the most important aspects of a project. Still, the lack of it can bring about productivity decrease, inaccurate billing, and the total loss of business control. Thus, online time tracking software has been created to organize projects, tasks, and people’s schedules. Managers and owners always strive to monitor their employees’ performance and the way they allocate their time. With the help of a paperless timesheet calendar, team managers can track time (daily and weekly), and improve their project management for better results.

In this blog post, we will focus on the use of paperless timesheets. Weekly, web-based, and secure timesheets. Many businesses use them but sometimes not effectively enough. Therefore, they have a debatable reputation. So, let us dive into the world of project time management and discover the ways your paperless timesheet calendar helps your business. We will also give you some practical tips to get the most out of your timesheets.

Top timesheet management equals top project management

The first and most vital thing that big and small teams altogether understand is the value of timesheets. Professionals should realize that using timesheets entails filling in timesheets consistently and honestly. Basically, weekly timesheets should be faithful reflections of daily work. Thus, by managing your team’s timesheets, you get to have a more thorough overview of their work on each project as well as the total project cost.

Consequently, knowing how much time each of your employees spends on different tasks can have a positive influence on a project’s workflow processes. The right use of weekly timesheets contributes to accurate invoicing and billing of your services. Having full control over time can increase the possibilities for project success.

The timesheet calendar: an ideal productivity meter

If you are an abiding user of weekly timesheets, then you most probably know that your productivity and efficiency have greatly benefited. You may also know that professionals around the world tend to procrastinate and get distracted more frequently than we care to admit.

Working with the help of time tracking software can increase productivity. Logging time in timesheets creates a much-needed sense of awareness and accountability among employees. Not focusing on tracking time per se but on successfully fulfilling projects. The proper use of paperless timesheets can also develop a working environment of discipline and growth to avoid losing time and energy.

Resource allocation becomes faster and better

A paperless timesheet business calendar can help companies achieve short and long-term goals. The topic of proper resource distribution is a long-term one since you need to fill in timesheets for a period of time. Then, those timesheets will function as historical records of a business.

Managers can retrieve useful data on how to allocate budgets and which employees to assign to different projects. The most valuable team players will be given the hardest projects since they work efficiently and timely.

Eradicate favoritism in the process of employee evaluation

An employee’s timesheet is a good indication of their work profile. Not an infallible, absolute one, but it shows how they track time and interchange among projects or tasks. So, it would be invaluable to use timesheets in the evaluation process after every project or at the end of the year review.

Devoted work time, deliverables, and the success or failure of a project can testify to an employee’s performance. So, this kind of evidence can help managers and HR personnel stop practices of nepotism and centralize hard work, professionalism, and cost-effectiveness.

Well-informed timesheets lead to insightful reporting

In the same spirit, the timesheet view of your tracked time is not only useful at the end of every week. It is highly important at the end of a quarter or after the completion of a project. Of course, it offers valuable data that can be analyzed and presented during a team meeting with all the stakeholders around the table.

Filling timesheets for you and your team may seem like an ordeal. Yet, it can work to your benefit. Your paperless timesheets speak on your behalf in both success and failure. The extensive reporting that is built around timesheets offers a lot of valuable insights into your business.  Therefore, it can lead to improved business decisions. Moreover, it can back up changes in business processes, your workforce, and the way you deal with your clients. Detecting business problems, and finding, and implementing solutions can significantly increase your teamwork and efficiency.

Your paperless timesheet calendar

Paperless Timesheet Calendar in Elorus

After all the above benefits, tracking your time and having a comprehensive view of your work seems integral to a business. Elorus offers all the time-related features that your business needs to monitor and improve your project time management skills. Think about trying to track your time steadily. Then, you will be able to discover insightful data about the state of your time, team, and overall business health.

The Elorus timesheet weekly view is available. Regardless if you choose to log time manually or you choose live time tracking. Managing your time, fulfilling tasks, and monitoring employees’ time can give you better control over your projects.

If you think that Elorus could be the assistant you need, then sign up and find out for yourself!

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