Get your team together

Assign roles, set employee hourly rates and share important files per project. Then, monitor the amount of hours spent on different tasks and track team performance. Gain insight, improve time allocation and make your team efficient.

Project cost estimation

Set hourly employee costs per project. Log expenses and link them to projects. By understanding total costs and expenses, you will unveil the true cost of your projects and get better at budget allocation and planning.

Vigilant Reporting

Get valuable information on every step of your projects. Have the total control of your financial status through a variety of detailed reports. Make informed decisions and achieve optimal business growth.

Project Billing

Invoice clients with a single click & get paid for your work.

Step 1

Add a project

Name it, link it to a client and choose a billing method.

Step 2

Record time & expenses

Track billable hours and link expenses to a specific project.

Step 3

Invoice your project

Click on the "Invoice" button to bill time and expenses to your client.

Real-time project briefing

Share project progress through the client portal. Inform your clients about metrics like tracked time, billable hours and expenses. Plus, grant them access to project-related files, for greater transparency.

Elorus works with the tools you already use...

Elorus integrates with your favorite applications, so you can start the timer without even switching tabs.

Track the time you spend on Jira issues & projects
Track the time you spend on Trello TO-DOs
Track the time you spend on Asana tasks & projects

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