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team productivity tips for startups
Elorus Team

Team productivity tips for fast growing startups

We have already mentioned the significance team productivity has to an organization’s performance. Naturally, efficient teams that cooperate well with each other contribute to the company’s goals achievement.

Βarriers to team productivity

However, productivity in the workplace can be impeded by many factors. In the case of growing companies, the main factor is change. Change is a positive thing – it means your business plan is put into place! Your business is constantly evolving to what you envisaged from the beginning.

The thing with change is that it’s inevitable. It will happen, and you have to be well-prepared if you want to obtain value off of it.

Change is also one of the reasons why team efficiency is compromised. Even temporarily, introducing new members to existing teams may create tension.

Moreover, as a leader, one of the challenges you’ll face is delegating tasks to the right people. This means creating positions that have clear duties in the first place. In doing so, you make it easier for your employees to perform better. Hence, you increase team productivity!

One more barrier to team efficiency is poor team management regarding conflict. Changing dynamics can impact the collaboration among team members. New members are usually anxious to fit in, while old employees have to create space for them.

5 ways to improve work performance for growing teams

#1 Τeam building enhances productivity

Grouping different types of personalities may often result in miscommunications. One way of tackling this issue is by organizing team building activities. The ultimate goal of those activities is to increase productivity in the workplace.

You see, by increasing the camaraderie between employees you increase team productivity as well!

In a previous article, we discussed that team building activities are categorized into four main types:

  • Communication activities
  • Problem-solving & decision-making activities
  • Adaptability & planning activities
  • Trust building activities

You can use games to help your team communicate and work more efficiently with each other. Feel free to check out our blog post for detailed instructions!

#2 Team bonding activities

Apart from team building, you can also organize team bonding activities. It could be anything from taking them out for dinner every once in a while to celebrating work anniversaries.

Team bonding is a great way to show your employees you appreciate their efforts. And when employees feel appreciated, they become more productive!

Bonding also plays a role in maintaining a positive work environment. Your employees are going to feel comfortable and relaxed – thus, unfold their true potential.

#3 Τeam productivity software

Using the latest technology is another way to improve performance at work. There are all kinds of applications out there to help you solve productivity issues.

You can use cloud applications to do away with time-consuming tasks. Below you will find tasks that usually wreak havoc on team productivity:

  • Recurring tasks: One of the most important things on how to be more efficient at work, is avoiding repetitive work. If, for example, your company offers subscription services, you should automate that process. Your accounting team would become more productive if an application, like Elorus, handled recurring invoices. In solving that, they have more time to focus on important tasks!
  • Project management: When multiple teams work on the same projects, it is vital that you facilitate their collaboration. Project management applications make your company more flexible to change. That is because they allow you to create easy-to-follow procedures. Moreover, they provide live status updates, so everyone is on the same page. Be sure to read our article on project management software, and choose the one that suits you best!
  • Group collaboration: Another way to improve team productivity is by using collaboration apps. For instance, Slack is a popular option, no matter the team size. Your employees can communicate via a messenger that is split into “channels,” depending on the topic. They can also set up reminders or receive notifications there from external apps, such as Elorus! This allows them to have their communications in one tidy place. No one gets left behind anymore!
  • Training new members: Οnboarding new employees is probably the most difficult challenge companies face. It takes time, effort and boundless patience. However, Learning Management Systems (LMS), such as TalentLMS, are ideal for successful corporate training.

#4 Promote transparency

As new members come in, friction is sometimes inevitable. Successfully mixing all kinds of different personalities and cultures is not an easy task. This doesn’t mean that nothing good can come out of it. As a leader, you want to focus on the positive and allow for concerns to be aired.

Make sure to communicate those changes to the existing team and explain the reasons behind the decision. Give them the opportunity to express their concerns and practice conflict resolution methodologies!

Let them know that, hiring new employees presents a lot of opportunities as well. Explain how their skills will strengthen the team and help the company achieve goals.

Being transparent and open to conversation will make them feel reassured. That reassurance goes a long way towards the smooth integration of new teammates. Along with the team activities we mentioned, growth will be a lot painless.

#5 Instill your company culture

Another factor that may negatively impact your team’s efficiency is not having a clear company culture. Laying it out for the new members is crucial to their effective collaboration with others. Reminding the existing employees of that culture is also going to help new members to blend in well.

Therefore, invest time and resources in instilling the company culture and values into new members!

This means inspiring them to follow your company’s mission and vision. Apart from that, you need to give them the opportunity to do so, practically. For example, if one of your core values is philanthropy, make sure you give them paid leave to volunteer.

However, you have to be consistent, so everyone feels an equal member of the “pack” no matter its size.

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