The Top Freelance Software For Business Management

The Top Freelance Software For Business Management

Irene Kalesi
Irene Kalesi

Due to the coronavirus crisis, freelancers and small business owners too may have cash flow issues or even the inability to operate. However, this troubling period will end, and a new kind of business normality will come. Thus, entrepreneurs around the globe should be aware of all the different freelance management software aimed at business control, and administration. This way, they will be able to successfully revive or even expand their businesses in the post-COVID-19 changed world.

The top ultimate freelance software list

Professionals should find winning working processes to stay on top of the heap. Thankfully, freelance management software can offer ample possibilities to succeed in managing your time, projects, collaborations, financial matters, sensitive data, meetings, and client agreements. All you need to do is find the right freelance management software, and use them religiously to improve your business management and administration skills.

Invoicing and time tracking

Let us start with a valuable kind of freelance management software for business administration. Accurately tracking time can ensure the legitimacy of your invoices, with no hits and misses. Manually filling out hours in a notebook or an excel is not effective anymore. The invoicing and time tracking software of your choice will offer you a sense of freedom from multiple calculations, the thought that hours are missing, and even the anxiety of not getting paid. Plus, it will help you maintain a straight course by completing tasks on time and allocating time where is needed.

We cannot move on without mentioning, the extra privileges of various automation, extensive reporting, and payment ways to choose from. Going forward, it looks like there will be more empty slots on your schedule. Then, you can use that extra time to work on your craft and not on logistics.

Project Monitoring

Time is of the essence, but projects need careful and planned organization. Project management tools can significantly benefit any freelancer. Assigning tasks, monitoring project dashboards, and keeping full documentation are features that can facilitate project completion and evaluation. Real-time project monitoring equals a successful overview of team performance and productivity. Still, you shouldn’t forget the variety of business reports that can improve future workflows. With the help of freelance software, self-employed professionals can increase the chances of achieving their goals while keeping in check their project labor costs, team productivity, and financial profit. Try finding software with time-tracking and project management features. It will centralize your work in one place and that is to your benefit.

Basic communication & meetings

At present, there is nothing more important in business than mobility. People in business need to communicate effectively while on the go, at any time, and through any device available. Thus, virtual communication and teleconference software are integral to any independent contractor today.  Chatting, messaging, and taking part in meetings are processes that can be perfectly carried out through teleconference tools. You can invite colleagues, senior executives, clients and whoever else should be present in a meeting. Whichever of the best tools in the market you choose, you can have HD audiovisual quality, share your screen, schedule meetings, and start one-to-one and group chats.

Contract Management

Managing your contracts is a serious task that needs extra attention. First, you need to form them carefully and read them thoroughly. Then, you can sign them digitally to avoid time loss and store them securely. However, if you are still into manual contract management, a change of practice should be on top of your list. Trusting suitable freelance software will streamline the process from the generation of a contract to its final review and signing. Leave revenue loss, multiple/long contract cycles, and problematic client relations behind. So, consider replacing them with transparency, security, and less administrative costs, always having in mind the best interests of your business.

Εmail marketing

Nowadays, customizing your email communication is essential. Email marketing tools have proven to be useful offering the chance to create tailored email content. Campaigns, surveys, and customer feedback forms for your business needs can be created.  The distinct email marketing content you generate can lead to increased traffic to your website and more leads.

Password management

Who doesn’t have a number of subscriptions and accounts in different software, bank accounts, and websites? Especially in the Covid-19 era, professionals need an extra layer of security and an extra helping hand. No more sticky notes and passwords stored on your phone. Primarily, a password management tool will give you secure access online as long as you store the username and password you use on each website. At the same time, a password manager will generate passwords that are difficult to crack for any new subscription you set up. All your login credentials will be kept safe in an encrypted cloud vault. If you have the master password, you can access them from any device to assist your “on the go” business routine.

Social media control

A business’s social media presence is highly important in today’s market. A high number of freelancers and small business owners have most of the responsibilities concentrated in their hands. Therefore, the use of a social media platform for moderation and content creation can lead to enhanced social media management.  Having a comprehensive dashboard and a group of tools regarding engagement, moderation, and reporting can make a huge difference in your social media evolution. Social media management platforms can also improve your social media posting. You can even plan when you want your posts or your social media ads to go live.

To sum up, all the freelance management software categories that we have touched upon can help you build a better business infrastructure. Password security guards, proper organization, streamlining, and communication tools can bring about the change you need to operate with the least possible faults and achieve ideal business management and administration.

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