Invite your team

Add your team members and external collaborators to monitor and manage the business’s projects. Invite your accountant for direct access to documents and other financial data.

Analyze your team's productivity

Track the time your team members invest in project execution. Utilize Elorus’s comprehensive reports to enhance productivity and profitability in your business operations.

Efficient collaboration

The Elorus app makes team communication easy. Add internal notes to any project, invoice, expense, contact, or quote. Mention your collaborators, share your comments, and attach relevant files.

Customize user permission levels

Each team member is granted access only to the functionalities allowed by their role. Choose one of the predefined roles or create your own, setting each user’s permissions based on your business needs.

View your activity log

Even the slightest change in documents, customer payments, emails, etc., is automatically recorded in detail. You can view a brief description, the exact time, and the person who performed each action.

Real-time monitoring

Use the browser extension to monitor who’s currently working on what. Make sure that everyone is spending their time on the right tasks and maximize your team’s productivity.

Multi-device accessibility

Elorus is a cloud application, carefully designed to adapt to the size of any screen. Thus, the user experience on smartphones or tablets is just as seamless as on desktop computers.

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