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Online payments. Offline payments. Refunds. It's all there, easier than ever.

Online payments with PayPal and Elorus

Online payments with and Elorus

Online payments with Braintree and Elorus

Online payments with 2Checkout and Elorus

Online payments with Razorpay and Elorus

Online payments with VivaWallet and Elorus

Online invoice payments

Elorus integrates with the most popular payment providers that accept all major credit cards.

Connect your accounts to Elorus, associate invoices with any provider and get paid online. And of course, Elorus takes zero commission on the transaction.

Let customers experience a quick and safe online payment process

Freelancers and Small Businesses usually get paid in cash and face collection problems. Well, not anymore!

Connect your PayPal or any other supported account to Elorus.


Step 1


Whenever you create an invoice, we generate a unique client URL. Associate the invoice with one, or more, payment gateways and send the URL to your client.


Step 2

Email the invoice

Your client visits the URL, clicks on the "Pay" button and completes the payment using their credit or debit card.


Step 3

Get paid

Automate late payment reminders

Manage your customer base and their billing status. Send reminders to those that haven’t met payment deadlines. In fact, you can set up automated reminders for all sorts of documents, including expenses and estimates!

Automate payment reminders
Manage credit & refunds

Manage credit & refunds

You can easily issue credit notes, handle a refund or give credit to your clients for future purchases. Credit can be applied any time to pay off invoices.

Record offline payments

When it comes down to payments, credit cards are not the only option. Record payments received to denote a cash or bank transfer transaction and have invoices marked as paid. View useful reports to monitor your cash flow.

Record offline payments

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