Invite your team

We know that you want to monitor your team’s productivity. In turn, your work buddies need to be up to date with all your ventures and your accountant needs an overview of your financial status. So, invite them all to Elorus and work your magic!

Real-time monitoring

Use the browser extension to monitor who’s currently working on what. Make sure that everyone is spending their time on the right tasks and maximize your team’s productivity.

Customize user permission levels

Take full control over who sees what inside Elorus by limiting user access to certain features. You can even restrict a user’s access to a subset of your contacts.

View your log of activities

Even the slightest change in your data is automatically recorded in detail. Monitor who made any modifications and when they were made.

Stay in the loop

Get a nudge about anything new related to your business, be it a client payment or an automatically generated invoice. We’ll slack you, we’ll email you or we’ll let you know in-app.

Streamline your workflow

Elorus is a cloud application easy to access at any time from any device. Its smooth operation and high responsiveness optimize your work and guarantee that your team can always perform without restrictions and delays!

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