Slack is a team communication tool that centralizes communication by organizing conversations into channels. It allows for real-time messaging and file sharing. Use Slack to connect with your colleagues and become more productive on a daily basis.

Never miss a notification

For more convenience, use the Elorus-Slack integration to receive all notifications that Elorus displays on your account, such as invoice payments, directly in Slack.

Set up custom reminders in Elorus, such as prompts to pay outstanding bills, and receive these notifications directly in Slack.

Seamless file & expense management

A smart solution for those who need quick uploads without having to navigate the entire app. Quickly snap a photo of a receipt or any document, instantly send it to your Elorus app via Slack, and collect all of them in one place.

Stay updated, and share files easily

1. Install Elorus4Slack

Install Elorus4Slack via the Elorus integrations page and verify your account.

2. Activate notifications

Choose the Slack channel where you’ll receive notifications every time an important action occurs in the Elorus app.

3. Start sharing your files

Select the Slack channel where the Elorus4Slack bot will be installed. Upload any file to this channel, and it will automatically be transferred to the Elorus app.

Invoicing & time tracking for project-driven teams

Keep your projects healthy

Monitor the amount of hours spent on different tasks and projects. Gain access to visualized insights into your team’s performance. Get better at budget allocation by understanding the expenses and the true costs of your projects.

Invoicing made easy

Generate professional and customized invoices in just a few steps. No matter the country, the currency or the language of your clients; we handle it all.

Time tracking

Have a complete view of your projects. Register your project-related hours by using the time tracker or filling your weekly timesheets. Achieve the great time managementand productivity control your company needs.

Expense management

Fast and simple tracking of your company’s expenses. Supplier invoices, recurring expenses, bill payments - all at once. Expense highlight: tie expenses to your projects for optimal financial overview of your ventures.

Online payments

Simplify the way you get paid. Accept credit cards online with PayPal, Braintree and more, without any commission towards Elorus.

Private client portal

Build a strong relationship with your clients and impress them with their own, dedicated area. Using the client portal they can pay invoices online,monitor your projects as well as review their complete transaction history.

Team productivity

Your accountant and partners can easily access your data whilst reducing management time and costs.
Our security shield

Our security shield

Elorus is ISO 27001 certified to guard your data with diligence. Our SSL certificate will also protect your freedom and right to privacy.

Multichannel customer support

Multichannel customer support

We offer multichannel customer service through our live chat, specialized help center, FB and Twitter pages regardless of the plan you choose.

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