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Super-easy online invoicing

Make it yours

Bold, color and stylize your invoices. Add your own logos, special terms and conditions. Your very own library of invoice templates awaits to be created.


Currency fluency

Invoices in Euros, Dollars or Bahraini Dinars?
We’ve got you covered with all the current exchange rates.
Get your numbers straight and check out your revenue in real time.


Invoice in any currency, any language

Game-changing invoicing features give you the winning hand

We speak in tongues

Elorus is currently fluent in 7 languages. Just choose the ones you want to use with your clients. 

Bulk emailing

 It’s actually as easy as it sounds.  Pick the invoices, credit notes or estimates you want and hit the “email” button.

Flash exporting

Be aware that you're just a click away from exporting all your invoices aling with their attachments to ZIP files. Take full advantage of this feature. Treat yourself!

Recurring invoices

Automate recurring invoices

Is making the same invoice for a customer part of your monthly routine? Schedule your billing for recurring invoices to be generated automatically through our invoicing system and stay focused on your business!

Manage your inventory

Import the products or services you sell or even purchase. Set default product prices and taxes, and spend less time on invoicing! Keep track of your stock and know when it's time to place a new order.

Inventory management

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