Small Business Time Tracking Software

Regain control of your billable hours & charge what you're worth

Track Time

Keeping track of your billable hours is now a breeze! With just one click you can start logging your working hours from any device, anywhere, as you work! Make every second count.

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Project management

Organize your Projects

Boost your productivity by monitoring how much time you have spent on each project overall, per task or per assignee. View useful insights like total hours, billable and uninvoiced amounts all in one place.


Invoice your Time

Get compensated for the actual hours you've worked. Just set your billing preferences and create professional invoices with just a few clicks!

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Dedicated client area

Share Timesheets with Clients

Offer full transparency to your customers through your dedicated client portal. Your clients are now always up to date with the progress of their project, employee time spent and cost.

Get useful Insights

Use our powerful reporting engine to break down your time data by project, task, assignee etc. Get useful insights and understand how you and your team spend time businesswise.

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Multiple user accounts

Manage your Team's Time

Know how much time your employees spend on what, with just a glance. All team members can easily log their working hours, so you can identify problems early. Ensure everyone is spending their time on the right things and maximize your team's productivity.

Achieve the perfect workflow for your business

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Online invoicing made easy (Problems)

Some of the most common time - related problems Elorus can solve

Lost Hours
Tracking your work hours and invoicing them accordingly is a profoundly mundane task. No wonder it's often overlooked.

Time Inefficiency
There never seems to be enough time while you and your team work on many simultaneous projects.

Productivity Barriers
Did you know how much time you spend on needless meetings and mail threads? Neither did we; until now!

Time Tracking application

Whether you are a Small Business, Agency or Freelancer, Time Tracking should be your #1 Priority.

Increase your productivity and organize your business with a simple, yet powerful time tracking and invoicing software. Track your time and the work hours of your employees, create invoices with a just a click and get paid online, all through Elorus app. Discover all the benefits of our unique cloud application. You can start for Free!

Track Time, Invoice and Manage your Business. All through Elorus.