Express expense management

Set your mind at rest with our expense management. Record your expenses in a jiffy and be aware of each and every penny that you spend. Plus, you can upload your receipts along with your expenses so there is no need to gather piles of paper anymore.

Categorize your expenses

If recording what you spend is business essentials 101, then categorizing them is next level expense management. Use our default expense categories or create new ones to keep everything in order. Colorful pie charts will always be there for visual feedback. So, get ready to divide and conquer as a true expense expert.

Billable project expenses

Your expense management expands into your projects. Link specific expenses to the projects they were made for and watch over your costs. You can even tag your expenses as billable and include them in your invoices.

Automatic recurring expenses

Elorus can ease the pain of managing expenses that you pay over and over again. The only thing you have to do is schedule your recurring expenses once. Thereon, they will be treated as such. You will still have to pay them, but we’ll do the rest.

Manage bills & payments

If you feel like tracking the payments you have to make, we’ve got you covered. Submit your purchase invoices and never miss a thing. Elorus will send you payment reminders and help you manage outstanding bills.

The beauty of expense management

…is in the details

Payment reminders

Seize the chance to set payment reminders for your bills. When it’s your time to pay, it’s our cue to ping you. No more forgotten outstanding payments for you.

Custom reporting

Tracking your expenses offers profound reporting extensions. Generate personalized reports and unlock infinite learning possibilities to improve your business.

Bulk exports

Can you keep your expenses and receipts on your computer? Of course, you can! Download a ZIP file and share it with your accountant. Or even better, ask your accountant to do it.

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