Invoicing & time tracking perfectly aligned with your creative process

Spot on time tracking

Tracking your time with Elorus is as reliable as clockwork. Control every single phase of your design projects with the click of a button.

Effective cost projection

Set employee hourly costs, monitor non-billable hours and project expenses. Remember that well-planned budgets lead to well-executed workplans!

Productivity to the max

Improve your workflow. Track communication, brainstorming sessions and marketing-related tasks to achieve effective task distribution.

Why Elorus is the ideal business software for creative agencies?

Project monitoring

Monitor revenues, view project costs and assess the hours spent in the studio. Analyze & evaluate the progress of each project.

Learn key lessons about billing, time and cost management to make the appropriate project decisions.

Clever time tracking

Use our real-time timers or log time manually, whenever you want.

Ultimately, timesheet monitoring will show you the way towards optimal time allocation and workflow improvement.

Customer Stories

With the Elorus platform, I can effectively manage my business’s finances. I know at any moment about the income and expenses of the business, I can invoice our customers and monitor the completion times of each project.

Evangelo Kouloukithas
Owner / Executive producer - CandyshopVFX

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Timely invoicing features

Put together and bill timesheets & expenses to your clients with ease. Set project rates and get the exact, auto-calculated invoice amounts.

Features like invoice auto-filling, recurring invoices and custom reminders can make invoicing seem like a walk in the park.


Time tracking extensions

Feeling too immersed in your designs? Then, you and your team can get the browser extension to live time-track the work done without even trying. The extension runs on any Chrome or Firefox tab as well as directly through your Asana, Trello or JIRA account.

See why people love us

  • "The company’s revenue increased when we started regularly tracking our work time using Elorus. We know exactly how much the services we offer cost, billing our customers correctly without the company losing revenue due to miscalculating costs."
    - Koutalidis Law Firm
  • "By using Elorus, we have fully automated the issuance of sales invoices and their payment by our subscribers, saving valuable time and money."
    - Novelcomm, Telecommunications Company
  • "Using the Elorus API, we managed to automate the invoicing process for our clients. Our internal system synchronizes seamlessly with Elorus, sending the documents we create to myDATA."
    - Agile Actors, IT Consulting Company

Seamless online payments using the most trusted payment gateways.

Get paid online for the invoices issued through Elorus platform.

Our security shield

Our security shield

Elorus is ISO 27001 certified to guard your data with diligence. Our SSL certificate will also protect your freedom and right to privacy.

Multichannel customer support

Multichannel customer support

We offer multichannel customer service through our live chat, specialized help center, FB and Twitter pages regardless of the plan you choose.

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More features to help you run your business

No matter what industry you’re in, we’ve got the features to meet your needs

Client portal

Share your project progress with your clients. Learn more

Non-billable hours

Learn which clients require more non-billable hours from your team. Learn more

Online payments

Accept credit card payments for your invoices. Learn more

Billable expenses

Easily record & bill expenses to your clients. Learn more

Professional quotes

Send branded estimates to potential customers. Learn more

Team management

Live monitor who’s currently working on which task. Learn more

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