It's easy to accept credit card payments online

Freelancers and Small Businesses who usually get paid in cash or cheques often face collection problems, well not anymore! Stop wondering how and accept payments by credit / debit card or PayPal in three easy steps:

Connect your PayPal account or other providers with Elorus through a very simple process.


Step 1

Integrate with payment providers

Every time an online invoice is generated on Elorus, a unique URL is created. You can connect the online invoice to one, or more, payment gateways and then send the URL to the client.


Step 2

Send an invoice to a client

Your client visits the unique URL and completes the payment using their PayPal account or their credit/debit card by following the easy payment process.


Step 3

Get paid

Payment providers

Elorus uses the most popular payment gateways that accept all major credit and debit cards. Currently PayPal, Braintree, & VivaWallet are supported, with more payment providers to be added soon.

Setup your favourite provider in no time, within just a few clicks!

If you have multiple accounts you can register all of them and associate each client or invoice with each one. And the best part is that Elorus takes zero comission on the transaction!

Get paid online with Elorus

Elorus integrates with the world's most popular online payment providers

Online payments with PayPal and Elorus

Online payments with Braintree and Elorus

Online payments with and Elorus

Online payments with VivaWallet and Elorus

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Online Invoicing

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