Product updates

New endpoints in the Elorus Developer API

Update June 5, 2024

The Elorus Developer API has been updated to help you further automate your invoicing and payment management processes.

1. Send self-billed invoices via email directly from the API

You can now send self-billed invoices via email directly through the API. This new endpoint follows the same principles as the corresponding endpoints for invoices, estimates and credit notes.

2. Retrieve payment receipts as PDFs

For those who need to keep detailed records of payment receipts, we have added a new endpoint that allows you to export Payments received records to PDF format.

3. Associate credit notes with client invoices

Previously, users could only associate an invoice with credit notes of the same client to pay off an invoice. With our latest update, you can now perform this task starting from a credit note. This new endpoint enables you to associate the credit of a credit note to pay off one or more invoices of the same client, providing greater flexibility in managing client credits.

These updates are part of our ongoing efforts to improve the Elorus platform to meet your business needs. For detailed information on how to use these new endpoints, please refer to the Elorus API documentation.

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