Increase Profitability & Team Productivity Using a Complete Business Software for Law Firms

Accurate Service Costing

Reveal the exact cost of your services and sustain your profitability. Your company will never send a low-priced estimation again to potential clients.

Seamless Client Billing

Invoice your clients in seconds for the legal services offered and get paid online using the payment gateway of your preference.

Boost Team Productivity

Easily track your working hours, analyse team productivity using extensive reporting, and optimize critical internal procedures if needed.

Why Elorus is the Ideal Business Software for Legal Firms?

Easy Time Tracking

Track your work time and easily identify the billable and non-billable hours, such as such as client appointments, legal research and internal team meetings.

Manually enter hours into a timesheet or start and stop the timers in real-time, to ensuring maximum accuracy.

You can use Elorus time tracking from your desktop or mobile using your browser or the available extensions on Google Chrome and Firefox.

Smart Invoicing

Easily invoice your clients based on your working hours and send automated payment reminders to level-up your business and increase your profitability.

You can also simplify your line of work by setting up recurring invoices. They will be automatically issued and sent to your clients based on your preference.

Customer Stories

The company’s revenue increased when we started regularly tracking our work time using Elorus. We know exactly how much the services we offer cost, billing our customers correctly without the company losing revenue due to miscalculating costs.

Panos Karachalios
Technology Manager - Koutalidis Law Firm

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Expense Management

Be in total control of your expenses, and monitor your spending. Upload copies of your bills and never lose a purchase invoice again!

Elorus will help you understand the true cost of your projects, to make informed decisions and improve your planning.

Advanced Custom Reporting

Access custom reports that will help you know the key metrics of your business and stay on top without having to worry about your cash flow.

You will be equipped with charts and reports about your sales, purchases, expenses, tracked hours, client balances, and other financial reports.


Provide your own Client Portal

Invite your clients to your client portal, so they can check their projects’ status in real time. Invoices, estimates, timesheets and the statement of account; they’re all accessible via the client portal, to improve communication and enable full transparency with your clients.

Really simple & easy to use!

Carefully crafted down to the smallest detail, so that you can work fast and enjoy a beautiful environment.

Seamless online payments using the most trusted payment gateways.

Get paid online for the invoices issued through Elorus platform.

Our security shield

Our security shield

Elorus is ISO 27001 certified to guard your data with diligence. Our SSL certificate will also protect your freedom and right to privacy.

Multichannel customer support

Multichannel customer support

We offer multichannel customer service through our live chat, specialized help center, FB and Twitter pages regardless of the plan you choose.

See why people love us

  • "Elorus is the everyday tool any startup should use. The support team is great; they have always addressed our requests immediately."
    - IsMood, Data Technology Startup
  • "I use Elorus to send invoices, to issue quotes and work together with my accountant. It's simple, modern and efficient!"
    - Alex, Freelance Web Designer
  • "With Elorus, our invoicing process is now really fast and easy. A great software, covering the needs of any small business!"
    - medNutrition, Nutrition Service Business

More features to run your business in a single place

Non-billable hours

Learn which clients require more non-billable hours from your team. Learn more

Project finances

Monitor revenues, view project costs and assess the hours spent on your projects. Learn more

Cash flow management

Monitor the payment status across your clients and gain access to an overview of your receipts and payments. Learn more

Branded Invoicing

Customize the invoice appearance to match your brand identity. Learn more

Billable expenses

Easily record & bill expenses to your clients. Learn more

Team management

Live monitor who’s currently working on which task. Learn more

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