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Being a lawyer is a prestigious profession but, at the same time, can be so demanding!

It doesn’t matter either you work in a law firm or alone still you have to deal with paper works, trials, law amendments that you need to follow strictly, calls from the clients at any time of the day. It is pretty obvious that being a lawyer is high-powered job.  Given your time is valuable and you should really focus on your case, rather than invoicing, billing and other time-consuming activities.

Some of the problems law offices face

Time Management
Lawyers can be busy working on more than one cases at a time. Each has a specific deadline; being on time is part of your professionalism.

Payments arrive late
Litigations usually take months to come to an end; so you may get paid long after a case is closed.

Legal forms & paperwork
Legal professions require filling a lot of documents and forms. Operating a complicated invoicing tool adds unnecessary overhead and effort.

Being a lawyer is truly challenging as it is. Elorus is here to help!

Generate professional invoices

Simple invoicing

Creating invoices for your services has never been easier. Be professional and customize the invoice appearance to match your brand identity. Expert skills, not required...

Online billing

Accept online payments from any sort of credit / debit card using your favourite payments provider. Set reminders to notify your clients when due dates arrive, and get paid faster!

Keep track of expenses

You can now be in total control of your expenses and monitor your spending. A business software like Elorus can really help organize your law firm's finances.

Advanced custom reporting

Viewing Elorus's custom reports will help you know when is the right time to move to a bigger office or hire an assistant and stay on top of your business without having to worry about your cashflow.

Generate professional invoices

Really simple & easy to use!

Carefully crafted down to the smallest detail, so that you can work fast and enjoy a beautiful environment.

More features you'll love!

Email invoices & track delivery status

With Elorus you can send your invoices via email, even in bulk. Be automatically informed of the email delivery status and watch your full email history.

Cash flow management

You can easily monitor the payment status across your clients and have access to an overview of your receipts and payments. Get a clear picture of your cash flow operations and easily manage your finances.

Collaboration is now a breeze!

Give access to your accountant and partners, so they can export your financial data to Excel or PDF files, saving you both valuable time.

Send payment reminders

As we said, being a lawyer is a very prestigious job; whereas chasing your customers to pay you is not prestigious at all. With Elorus you can track due invoices and send reminders to your clients in no time.

Automate recurring invoices

Set up recurring invoices to automatically charge your clients for your monthly retainer without having to move a finger. Elorus will conveniently notify you each time a new invoice is generated.

Accessible from anywhere

Being a lawyer means you're always in a hurry from trial to trial. With Elorus you can start your work in the office and complete it on your tablet at home!

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