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Goodbye purchase invoices. Enter bills!

New feature March 9, 2019

Over the past few months we’ve been working on a massive update to the expense / purchase management workflow in Elorus. Today, we’re excited to introduce the first of a series of updates towards that end. The primary goal of today’s release is to speed up the process of tracking your purchase invoices.

A whole new experience

Let’s say you receive a supplier invoice and want to record the transaction in Elorus. What do you do?

  1. Open the invoice PDF or image using an external software.
  2. Switch to Elorus and enter the amounts you see on the PDF to the purchase form.
  3. Save the purchase invoice.
  4. Visit the purchase invoice’s detail page and upload the PDF as attachment for future reference.

Although the above will work, it’s a kind of slow and complicated process that we felt can be improved. We thought, why not upload the attached file and enter the invoice data at the same time? And that’s what we did! We have completely redesigned the purchase invoice pages, so you can preview the document in Elorus, enter the data without ever leaving the application environment and save the record in one go.

Goodbye purchase invoices. Enter bills!

Bills & supplier credits

As part of the update, purchase invoices have been renamed to just “bills”. Similarly, purchase credit notes are now called “supplier credits”. We feel these new terms are easier to follow and capture the essence of both features much better. In real world, any kind of purchase that has to be paid, is referred to as “bill”. Elorus features a complete, separate process to manage bill payments and monitor outstanding or overdue bills, which makes all the pieces come together.

Less typing

Finally, we’ve reduced the fields needed to record a bill. The document type, related documents and line item title fields have all been removed, since they were only used for display purposes. That said, if you are among those who used multiple document types for reporting purposes, please rest assured: We have created a custom tracking category called “document type” in your account. We then migrated all your existing data to the new category, so you may continue doing your thing!

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