Product updates

Enhanced project billing

New feature March 17, 2024

We’re excited to share an enhancement to our project billing capabilities in Elorus. Building on our existing functionality, we’ve introduced a way to associate your billing directly with projects – extending beyond just time-based invoicing to include free-form invoices, credit notes, and even recurring invoices.

What’s new:

Now, when creating any invoice or credit note, you have the option to link each line item to any project of your choosing. This ensures that every charge can be accurately attributed, provided the client on the invoice matches the client associated with the project.

Associate invoice lines with projects

The process in a nutshell:

  • Navigate to the “Add Invoice” page.
  • As you fill out your invoice lines, you’ll see an option to link each to a project.
  • For recurring invoices, set up your associations once, and every automatically generated invoice will maintain these links.

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